The Power Of The Bromance

I truly believe that the modern bromance has the power to transform the world. Today I want to share with you the impact my main bromances have had on my life, why I hug (and sometimes kiss) all men I meet, and how the world can be an even more beautiful place with more ‘strong and warm’ men who use love as their operating system.
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Welcome back to The Nick Broadhurst Show, I’m your host, Nick Broadhurst. You can catch all of my work including my music, my music videos, podcasts, and blog posts over at And if you listen to Spotify, you can hear all my music at

And that song we were listening to is my latest single, Open Wide. And you can catch the full song at And you can also watch the music video there, which is just so so stunning. And the key lyrics in that for me are, “Come back to the middle, come back to the middle of you.”

I mean seriously, I think that’s one of the most true things that I’ve ever written, especially when it comes to bromances. And some other lyrics in there are, “Never fear the light you shine in all reflections.” And I’m going to speak about how this relates to one of my biggest ever bromances, and as you can tell, I’m coming to you today with extra silky deep dark tones.

I sound more like Barry White than Broadhurst today. And that is just the result of a hell of a lot of flying, lots of super early mornings, and just I guess the energy that it takes to hold space for thousands of people. And I did an episode on how to thrive when flying, and I’ve definitely been doing all those things. But sometimes the body has limits. And I reached mine just after my last show, which was a relief.

But let’s dive into today’s show. This morning we are going to be talking about the power of the bromance. Which is something which has become a bigger and bigger part of my life. And never fear the light you shine in all reflections. This is a lyric from my song, Open Wide. And we’re going to speak about how this relates to one of my biggest ever bromances.

And I know that my music has a very large female listenship, and I love that, I think that’s amazing. But one of my missions in life is to have more men get in touch with living from their heart space. And I believe that’s why around 70% of my audience is female; because women naturally find it easier to access that space within themselves.

And that is where my music is written from. If it’s not from the heart, then to be honest, nothing comes out for me. I can’t write anything unless I’m in that space. I can’t force music out. It just has to come. And when it does come, it comes really really fast. Usually I’ll have the majority of a whole song written in about five to ten minutes.

It’s just kind of all of a sudden there, like a beautiful gift that lands in my lap. I don’t really see this as mine; it’s just what is. And when I listen to my music, I can’t even really remember creating it. It’s the weirdest feeling.

And what does it have to do with the power of bromance? Well, after my show in Adelaide a couple of nights ago, I was really really touched by the men who turned up. And what stunned me is how willing these men were to be open and vulnerable with me when we did the meet and greet after the show.

And I can’t help but think, is this the new model, have a masculine to look in the 21 century? And this is not about being all soft and mushy. This is about owning both halves of yourself; the masculine and the feminine. And I always define this as being both strong and warm, is what I always personally aim for.

And I’ve met many men who are strong and warm. One of those was Hugh Jackman. And I spent some time with Hugh and his beautiful wife Deb through a mutual friend. And what struck me about Hugh was his strength and warmth that resided in perfect harmony. It was so inspiring to be around. It really made me want to be more.

And so these men in Adelaide were just normal guys. Big, strong dudes with beards, yet something was really different about them. There was this subtle spark in their eye. And during the show I believe they had a taste of their own potential as a modern masculine.

And the modern masculine walks up and hugs another man even if he doesn’t know them. I give most of my brothers a hug and a kiss. I mean I just love these men so much. I’m so grateful to have them in my life. The modern masculine is not afraid to tell his mates that he loves them, to be vulnerable with them.

And to me, there are a few things I love more than getting quality time with one of my bromances. And I’ve mentioned these men before in episode number 16. You can listen at “You are the best mentor”, it’s called. And I mentioned a few men; Mike Sherbakov, James Colquhoun, and Terrence Bell. And I’ve been blessed with many many more amazing men in my life, I’m so so grateful.

When Mike and I met in Greece in 2017, we were doing work in an Afghanistan refugee camp. And then we headed off to the islands of Naxos in Santorini to integrate that experience. And Mike and I would have dinner in a group setting, and while seriously starring deeply into each other’s eyes we would openly express our gratitude for having met each other and what we admire in each other.

And if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to meet Mike, you’ll know what it means to be in his presence. I mean seriously, that man’s eyes when they stare into you, they literally stare into your soul. They mirror back your own potential. Never fear the light you shine around in all reflections. And this is a friendship that will last forever. I mean I get quite emotional just thinking about it. I love this man so much. He inspires me to just be more; such a beautiful human.

And Melissa and I have this saying, and I’ve done a podcast on this. And the saying is, “What would Jesus do?” And that just really means what would love do? And after Greece we started asking each other, what would Mike do? Because we felt like Mike was like a walking Jesus; is just so present and so powerful and so full of love.

So, to all the brothers out there, I want you to have a think about which of your mates just fills you with gratitude. And hold that person in your mind. Really feel it. Just give you a few seconds to get there. Whoever first comes to mind is perfect. And now I want you to pull out your phone and tell them what they mean to you.

And the purpose of this is to take your own bromance to a whole new level. And if you like, tell him that you love him or anything else that feels true to you. Love for me expressed to my bromance is just super natural. The more I do it, the more I enjoy doing it, the more natural I feel doing it. I think this is really important.

And ladies, please share this episode with every man that you can. Because I believe the world will be even more a beautiful place with more strong and warm men who use love as their operating system. So I hope you enjoy that, I hope that resonates.

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So thank you so much for joining me. I know this is an interesting topic and it’s one that I’m really proud of because the more I dive into this and the more open I become with my bromances, the more depth there is in my life; it’s really really important stuff.

And I think having had a taste of these men — that sounded really weird didn’t it? Having experienced some of these men at my recent shows it really inspired me and it really gave me a glimpse of what’s possible for the modern masculine, the strong and the warm.

And remember today to look up, see the beauty around you, see the beauty within you, and be gentle with yourself, be love, and have a beautiful day. I love you heaps.

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