21 Day Negativity Detox

This is one thing  that I absolutely believe can change your life, IF you stick to it. And trust me, it's not easy... well not for me anyway! The first time I tried it around three years ago, I made it only 6 days... and that was after four months of trying. But, I am determined to turn that around in 2018.
Here’s how it works…
  • Grab a rubber band or anything you can easily take on and off your wrist.
  • Switch wrists whenever you gossip, criticise or complain.
  • Go 21 days without switching wrists… easy peasy!

(Extra points if you can do it successfully around your parents or siblings!)

Welcome back to Episode 3 of The Nick Broadhurst Show. I’m your host, Nick Broadhurst. You can catch my work at iamnickbroadhurst.com. And if you want to hear my music on Spotify, just go to iamnickbroadhurst.com/Spotify. And you can also catch my music videos at iamnickbroadhurst.com/video. And that song you’re listening to was called Status Quo. And I wrote that one — I was actually really frustrated when I wrote that song. Just the whole journey of being a fully, truly independent artist, which, you know, I am independent by choice. I’ve had a musical career before with major labels, and I’ve done all that, and it’s amazing. But this time around I want to do it my own way, which, to be honest, this podcast is a kind of testament to that.

And when I wrote Status Quo, I sort of reached this point of feeling really good about going out on my own and doing it my way. And you can hear at the end of the song, if you go to iamnickbroadhurst.com/statusquo, you can hear the whole song, I talk about breaking the status quo. And some of the lyrics are: I may be older, not getting colder, break the status quo. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are in your life, you can do whatever the frick you want. It’s that simple.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into Episode 3 of The Nick Broadhurst Show. And I have to say, I’m absolutely loving doing these. I don’t know. I just literally cannot wait to get up in the morning to do this. It’s giving me a whole new sense of purpose. And it’s actually making me more disciplined. So The Nick Broadhurst Show is making me get to bed earlier, it’s making me get up earlier because I have to prepare. And every time I jump onto Instagram and do this, I’ve got to say, I fricking love it. And thank you for being here. Thank you for all your comments. I had another 100 plus direct messages this morning. So it’s amazing to wake up to such an overwhelming response. So thank you so much.

Today, Episode 3, we are going to be talking about negativity. And we’re going to be doing — well, this is an invitation, actually, for you to do the 21-day negativity detox. Yep. Now, this is something which I actually tried to do myself about three years ago. It doesn’t sound very hard, right? Go 21 days without being negative, without complaining, without criticizing, gossiping, these sorts of things. The longest I made it — and I literally tried this for about four months, okay — the longest I made it was six days. Six days. How lame is that? Seriously. But I am so determined for 2018 to be filled with much more positive way of thinking because I just think negativity is very corrosive. Gossip is very uncomfortable. Criticism is okay, if it’s constructive, and it depends how it’s delivered.

But, this is how it’s going to work. Okay? We’re going to use the hashtag #21daynegativitydetox. That simple. And I would love for you to join me. Okay. And the first person who can get to 21 days in a row — and what you do is you take a little band, like this, elastic band, a bracelet, whatever you want, something you can take on and off, and you put it on your wrist. Okay? And it stays on that wrist, ideally, for 21 days in a row and doesn’t get swapped.

Now, if you don’t make it, it gets swapped to the other wrist. That’s it. And that’s how you know if you are progressing. Okay? Now the first person who makes 21 days, I’m going write you a little song, a personal song, I’m going to perform it, and put it on social media, and it’s going to be just for you. Good deal? Now, if you tag me and use this hashtag and you tag @IAmNickBroadhurst, if you tag me in 21 days from now, you’re probably — is this negative? — you’re probably not telling the truth because, I’m telling you, it is really hard.

So just to recap the rules. You’re going to switch wrists with an elastic band, a rubber band, a hair band, whatever you want, whenever you gossip, criticize, or complain. Now, gossip and criticism is pretty, I think, that’s pretty straightforward, we can all, sort of, define that. Complaining is a bit harder to define. So, for me, I define it as saying something negative without detailing a solution. Does that make sense? So an example would be, okay, “That guy from apartment number three always throws his fricking crap into the recycling bin without sorting it out. He’s such a fricking joke.” Okay, that’s clearly negative.

Now, the solution could be, “That guy from apartment three is always throwing his crap into the recycling bin. I’m going to knock on his door, and offer to sort it out for him.” Now, of course, he’s not going to accept, but you get my point. So you’re saying something which is frustrating you, but you’re going to detail what the solution is. And that’s going to, now, force you to start thinking more constructively, and looking for solutions. Okay? So it will turn you from being a straight out whinge, which I have done sometimes, and turns you into someone who looks for solutions.

And I think, for me, when I did it, those six days, literally, my wife loved me more, my son enjoyed my company. You know, people will want to be around you more. And you get extra points if you can do this around your family, like your parents, or your siblings because our family are one of our greatest challenges. They’re there to trigger us, and to help us see the things in us that we refuse to see in ourself, to help us grow.

So it’s that simple, guys. This is a very quick episode, and that’s how I want these to be. I want these to be very quick, and you can listen on the way to work, you can watch on Instagram, or Facebook, or YouTube, and just get that little burst, something exciting that’s going to really create new change in your life. And I guarantee you, this is one of the most powerful things you will ever do. I promise you. It is so fricking powerful. And I started doing it yesterday, and I said something negative at dinner without a solution, so I’m back to square one. God Damnit.

So, anyway, join me, tag me @IAmNickBroadhurst on any of the social media platforms that you like, and use the hashtag #TheNickBroadhurstShow for the podcast, and the hashtag #21daynegativitydetox. Okay?

So just to outline it again, the first person to make 21 days, gets a little song written by me and performed to you, and I’ll tag you on social media.

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And I’d just love to hear from you. Tell me what you’re enjoying. Tell me anything you’d like me to talk about. I’m totally at your service, and would love to support you in the best way that I can. So, until next time, have a beautiful day.

Tag me @IAmNickBroadhurst and use the hashtag #TheNickBroadhurstShow and #21daynegativitydetox and share with me how you are going, and when you make it to 21 days! The first person to make it gets a little song written and sung to them by me on social media. If you say you made it in 21 days… most likely you are telling me a little whitey ;)

I can’t wait to hear how you go on the #21daynegativitydetox. Share with me on social media and in the comments below.

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