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My Long Health Journey and Plant Based Transformation

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Little Lover

Feeling like I do little lover
Wrap your legs around under cover
And I love, I love, I love, I love

Wake up next to you little lover
Do those things you do like no other
And I love, I love, I love, I love

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star bending sky, nick broadhurst

Star Bending Sky

Oh, you’re never gonna walk away
You know you can’t believe it

Oh, you’re never gonna run away
You know you won’t achieve it

Oh you know how you feel, to find what is real
Better believe it

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Always You

Going back to where the story all began
Do you want to hear the journey of this man
So maybe, maybe you’re gonna call me crazy
A feeling I know it can’t be wrong
So one day, you’re gonna be my lover
Everybody run for cover…

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Ever Wondered

Have you ever wondered
Just what’s going on
The world falls all around us
In a blaze of firing guns
Have you ever wondered
Have you ever wondered…

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Thank You

Thank you, for sticking by my side
Darlin’ you saved me
You were the best thing in my life
There’s something I want to tell you…

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open wide

Open Wide

When I lay you down, I could see you fall in
You allowed, I saw, are we going again
So come back to the middle, come back to the middle of you…

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When I Was 8 Years Old

This is Nick in 1986. I dreamed of so many things as a kid, and even at this age I knew exactly why I was here on this planet. Huddled under my bed sheets to muffle the sound…

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just us, broadhurst

Just Us

It’s just us, the same old rules don’t apply
As I wake up laying next to you and the past is flying by
Oh it’s just us, slapping fear in the face
I ain’t never gonna rest until I get another taste…

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Status Quo

You think that you know me, better than I know myself
You think that you see me, better than I see myself
I’m so tired, tired of waiting
But I’m ready ready to get it myself…

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the one

The One

Bathing in your sunlight
Just another one life
You’re the one

Couldn’t really see you
Oh, wasn’t time to feel you
You’re the one…

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