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The Ultimate Breakfast For You (And Your Family)

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Episode 91

How To Make Your Phone Your Friend

Never before have we been more connected to the world of information, thanks to our mobile phones. But if we are not careful, this amazing tool can not only pose an alarming health risk, but it can quickly…
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Episode 90

Redefining Enlightenment

When we think of ‘enlightenment’ it’s easy to conjure up images of monks in monasteries, and to feel like it’s something out of reach for us mere mortals. In this episode we are going to redefine what…
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Episode 89

The Trump Technique

Trump. He is the source of endless debate, 24/7 news stories and plenty of anger. But what if ‘The Donald’ is actually exactly what the world needs right now? What if, within the worlds most divisive …
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Episode 88

The Truth About Olive Oil

It’s no secret that out of all the healthy fats we can choose from, olive oil is most definitely high up on the list. It forms the basis of the mediterranean diet, the most studied diet in the world. …
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Episode 87

The Playful Side of Parenting

Parenting. It’s one of the greatest challenges we face, and also one of the greatest opportunities for growth. In this episode we are going to dive into the playful side of parenting. I invite you to …
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Episode 83

Ayurveda Series 2 – How To Balance Kapha

If there was one body type or dosha that people love to disown, it would be kapha. But If I were to have envy of any particular dosha, it would most definitely be Kapha. Sure, if kapha goes out of balance…
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Episode 82

Ayurveda Series 2 – How To Balance Pitta

If you have ever felt angry, irritable or possessive, or perhaps broken out in a rash or embarrassing pimples, chances are you may have what is called a pitta imbalance. The Pitta dosha in Ayurveda represents…
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Episode 81

Ayurveda Series 2 – How To Balance Vata

“I’m so vata right now”. If you’re anything like me, you will know exactly what the statement means. No matter what your predominant dosha or body type, we can all develop imbalances in any of the three…
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Episode 80

Ayurveda Series 2 – The Antidote to Ageing

‘Anti-ageing’ certainly is soooo hot right now. We all want to look our best, but so often turn to external devices to give as that healthy glow. But what if there was a secret ‘essence’ in your body …
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