The ‘Core 4’ Framework for Getting Whatever You Want

Why do some people spend their entire lives working hard without seeing any payoff, while other people have that ‘magic touch’ that lets them hit their goals almost effortlessly? Join me for this eye-opening episode, where we delve into the simple (but genius) framework that will help you create and attract whatever it is you want in life — whether that’s a soulmate, a 7 figure income, a publishing deal, or anything in between. (Caution: this episode may cause extreme action-taking! ;)

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Last week, I caught up with a friend — Victor, and I asked him a question that took us down a fascinating rabbit hole. My question was…

“Why do you feel some people seem to effortlessly create whatever wealth they want, while others can barely pay their bills, no matter how hard they try?”

This came up because I often find myself working closely with people on their blocks around money, career, spirituality or relationships, but haven’t had a clear way to ‘diagnose’ what was going on for them, or a clear way to describe the path forward. And I wanted to drill down to first principles; I wanted to distill the process down to something that works no matter what it is you’re trying to achieve. So this is not just about money, it’s about getting what you seek in all areas of life. But money is energy — a particularly powerful kind of energy, but still just energy. So it’s a great lens to examine this through.

What emerged from our conversation was, what to me felt like a very clear framework — a formula, even — for you to be able to create whatever you want in your lifetime. Whatever you want. I am going to share these four crucial steps with you in just a moment, but first, let me tell you about my own abundance story…

I did a whole episode on this as part of my Radical Honesty Series, episode 72,  ‘Let’s Talk Money, where I basically shared everything about how Melissa and I have created a life that to us, we feel extremely grateful for, as well as how we dismantled and dissolved our own blocks around abundance. So definitely go and check that out, to get the full low down. 

But in a nutshell, money didn’t always come easy for me. To say the least. In my early twenties, I was in a very successful band called Sneaky Sound System. But despite this success, I was basically broke all the time. I remember dreading the moment we would split a taxi fare. Even if it was $5! Money was something I just did not have, and could not seem to hold onto. I had to ask my parents to bail me out multiple times over the years after I overextended myself, which was always a very humbling experience. I will always be so grateful for their support and am now finding ways to repay them for their generosity. Then years later, I was hit with a double whammy of bad luck: I got divorced, and at the same time, I got seriously ill due to toxic mould exposure, plus a bout of meningitis that destroyed my immune system. I was bedridden for years afterwards (and that’s not an exaggeration), and that entire time, I had to rely on income protection insurance to get me by.

So, let’s just say, my relationship with money hasn’t always been pretty. Far from it! I was broke and overextended for a long time. But today is a different story. There are no limiting beliefs and I honestly feel like money can be created out of thin air with ease.

So what was the shift? 

My first step was born out of desperation. Coming out of a successful music career and faced with supporting a family (including a newborn son), I was — to put it bluntly — desperate. It was do or die for me, so I went out into the workforce as a real estate agent and with no contacts or experience, worked my way up in 5 years to be awarded the top agent by the Real Estate Institute of Australia. I ended my real estate career with an average resale price that year of $6.7M, which meant around $67K per sale, and I was doing more sales than you can count on two hands… Amazing what desperation will do for you, right?! But that was just one part of the shift. There were four core components that made this success possible, and now I can see these, thanks to my conversation with Victor…

Here are those four shifts, which we’re going to look at in turn. I call them The Core 4, and they are four simple but genius shifts you need to go through to manifest anything you want in your lifetime. They are…

  1. Choice
  2. Commitment
  3. Belief
  4. Energy

That’s the framework — choice, commitment, belief, energy. The Core 4. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is! But don’t let that fool you, it’s also incredibly powerful.

Whatever your heart seeks or whatever dream has been nagging at you for years (or even decades) to be brought to life, just come back to the Core 4.
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Remember, this is NOT just about money. This framework is about creating anything you want. It could be money or material possessions, releasing your first song, getting your first book published, getting in shape, or attracting your soulmate. The beautiful thing about this formula is that you can use it to self diagnose yourself when things are not flowing the way you hoped for, and you can use it to get back in fierce alignment with where you want to be.

So let’s break it down, shall we? For starters… 


Now, this first step is probably quite obvious, but it all starts with making a choice. In my real estate days, I chose very clearly that I wasn’t going to just ‘make a living’; I was going to be the best. And trust me, real estate can kick yo’ ass to the curb real quick. I had made a very clear statement that I was going to be a real estate agent and I was going to create wealth from that career and change my money story. My mind was unwavering on that decision, and that was what first flipped the switch for me.

So… is there one thing you want to create or attract in your life that just isn’t flowing? Take a close look at this initial choice and ask yourself, honestly, what have you really chosen? Let’s say you are a stay at home mumma called Sarah, wanting to create an income from home doing what you love, like network marketing for example. I choose network marketing because again, this one, like real estate, has sky-high possibilities but can also kick yo’ ass to the curb faster than you can say “Amway!” Why? Because they both need a healthy dose of step number 3 (which we will get to in a minute!). So, Sarah, our stay at home mum. She feels like she’s putting in a lot of time and energy, but not seeing much payoff. Here’s the first question to ask yourself, in that situation: Have you really chosen to kick some serious business tush, or are you just kinda dippin’ ya toe in, doing a bit of this and a bit of that? How serious are you?

You see, a real, serious choice would be, “I am creating a side income of $5,000 per month by Dec 31st, 2020”. That’s serious. To the point. Definite. It carries so much more weight than just thinking to yourself, “I want to build my business” or “I’d like to earn more money”. Both of those are great starting points, but there’s so much wiggle room. There’s so much space to let yourself off the hook or to let your energy leak into other areas.

So we want a serious choice: “I am creating a side income of $5,000 per month by Dec 31st, 2020”.

And now to drive that choice home, you need to know your WHY. Your WHY is exactly what it sounds like… Why have you made this choice? Why are you doing this? Your Why can be whatever lights you up. In this case, Sarah’s WHY for her $5000 per month side income is so she and her partner can move to a larger home with a backyard for the kids to play in, because right now they are sharing a bedroom in an apartment and it’s causing her and her partner too much stress, which is not good for the family dynamics.

So now Sarah has a powerful choice, backed up by a powerful why.

Which leads us to number 2 of The Core 4…


How committed are you, really, to make this happen? 

When I started out in real estate, I studied what other top agents were doing and copied them. Once I had that down and nailed, I then up-leveled the game and asked myself, ‘Ok, well how can I do it better than them?’ After a few years of just getting by, I came across this strategy that essentially made you an expert in a specific area or suburb which consisted of me printing off 20 beautiful books every day, full of recent sales and news in that area, as well as historical averages, and a bunch more info that anyone wanting to sell would find very helpful. I printed them out, wrote a personal letter to the owner, and dropped 20 of these luxe booklets off in people’s letterboxes each day. 

So over a year, I had 6,000 homes covered, with this pesky fresh-faced rookie constantly reminding them of who the expert was in that area. Oh, and I was also calling them every quarter. Yep, on the phone… I was on a freakin’ mission! I had to fake it until I made it, big time. But I was committed. I mean, who does that? Who else is ringing and printing and door-knocking like crazy? No one, except for that one agent I was modeling, who had an average income of over $2M per year. Boom. I wanted to be like him. And you know what happened? Not much, at first. I was investing my own money into printing (when I didn’t have much to spare), and putting in unpaid hours every day with feet on the street, but then… the phone started ringing and more and more people were suddenly happy to take my cold call.

It took 6 months, but I got my first listing in that area. And you know how much it was worth? I estimated around $7M for that house, and I sold it for $7.2M. A new suburb record. (Not to mention, a commission of $72K.) That’s when it all changed. All of a sudden any owner wanting to sell wanted Nick Broadhurst.

I made the choice to be the best and committed to a strategy to make me the best. 

But here’s the trick with commitment… you can be committed to one thing, but also have commitments to not having that thing.

Let me say that again because it is so important… you can be committed to one thing, but also have commitments to not having that thing.

Think about one thing you want right now that you have chosen to create for yourself, you have committed to making happen, but it just ain’t flowing. Now ask yourself, what other commitments do you have that are actually commitments to not having the one thing you desire?

Part of you can so desperately want to write that book on health and wellness, while the other part is secretly staying up late watching Netflix and eating that tub of Ben & Jerry’s when you KNOW deep down that that habit is not in alignment with the goal you are wanting to bring to life.

Or perhaps you want to call in a soul mate and have made the choice, committed to doing the work… yet half the time, you are telling yourself “you are not enough” or beating yourself up about your skin or body weight.

Yes, you have committed and are doing some of that work to make it happen, but other parts of you are committed to it not happening. So now you need to erase and delete that opposing commitment. Close your eyes, get a clear picture in your mind of what that is, say to yourself “It’s ok that this commitment has been blocking you, but it’s now time to let it go.” Then cut the cord. You can do this in many ways. You can just say ‘erase and delete’ as you hold that thought in your mind. Or you can be symbolic and write it down on paper and then burn it. Whatever works for you, go for it.

Sounds simple, but you now have a commitment to stopping that opposing commitment.

Ok, back to my story now…

By this stage, we’ve got the first two steps of the Core 4 marked off:

  1. Choice – Tick, and…
  2. Commitment – Tick

Next for me was…


The third step in our framework.

To create what you want, you gotta have bucket loads of belief. So… I devoured every self-help book I could. Anything that might give me an insight into being successful. I knew that if other people had done it, then why couldn’t I? Some days I felt flat and defeated like it was never going to happen. I fell victim to comparison on the daily. I felt like a failure when I had to borrow money or take out more debt just to survive. But every time I got in my car, a self-help real estate CD would start playing and that belief would start flooding back in. At night, I read classic books on success like How To Win Friends and Influence People, The Success Principles, and Think and Grow Rich. I had to start retraining my brain for success. My neurons had to be rewired, and belief is the best tool to light up your circuits and get them firing in the right direction. Belief is dynamite for neuroplasticity. 

And I was bathing in belief. 

As well as reading and listening to books, you could write your goals up and stick them on your bathroom mirror, where you’ll see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You could choose an image that represents your goal and set it as the desktop screen image on your phone and laptop. You could set a reminder in your phone a few times a day to go off, and every time it does, you spend a minute visualising and believing that what you want is happening now. Again, no rights and wrongs here, just do whatever it takes to amp up that sense of BELIEF.

Now, the last ingredient in The Core 4…


Once you have choice, commitment and belief all lined up, it naturally leads you to step 4. But the right energy doesn’t happen on its own. You have a lot of momentum by now. You have cleared your blocks, but where is your energy? Is your energy in an expansive state that is magnetic and people just want to be around you? Or are you stressed and short-tempered?

There are some people you meet or see on stage and you just think, ‘Man, how do I get a dose of that?! Boy, would I pay thousands to just have an hour with them!’ You can bet your bottom dollar that these people have nailed all 4 core components, which is why you want to throw yourself at them just to learn their secrets. Well, no need. It’s all here for you.

One of the fastest ways to clean up your energy is meditation. Yes, yes, I hear you. ‘But I just don’t have time to meditate.’ Ok, cool. You just keep believing that while your dreams slip away. Everyone has different priorities and demands, but we can all meditate. I have done loads of episodes on this because it is just so important. Meditation starts the process of changing your state, permanently. The more time you spend in stillness, whether it be 5 minutes a day or 1 hour a day, the more you take the benefits of your eyes closed state into your daily waking state. 

When you meditate, especially Vedic mantra-based meditation, you experience yourself beyond your mind. That’s a state of beingness. You, beyond your thoughts. Beyond your mind. Your true, infinite self where anything is possible. This is where the magic happens. Yes, you can create wealth and achieve goals without meditation, but at what cost? I can tell you… 3 years bedridden, living in denial that my life was falling apart around me because I had no sense of self or self-awareness. That is what I experienced, after reaching the pinnacle of my real estate career. All because at that time of my life, I had not yet discovered meditation. So though I made excellent progress, and had the first three steps of the framework down pat, I wasn’t shifting my state on a cellular level through meditation. I wasn’t allowing space for my beingness. Instead, my energy was scattered and frantic, I was hammering myself into submission, and I wasn’t paying any attention to the messages from my intuition. (Honestly, if you’d suggested I start meditating back then, I might have laughed in your face. So I *get* the resistance. But boy, did I pay the price.)

Shifting your state through meditation day after day is like repeatedly dipping a white piece of cloth in turmeric water. At first, it is slightly yellow, but after weeks and months, the deep orange is permanently part of the cloth. That’s the magic of meditation. You dip in enough that you become the cloth. Bathed in beingness and infinite possibility. Expansive. It becomes who you are.

It’s at the end of my meditations where I started changing my life. I put it into pictures. A real-life movie in my mind. I visualised my health, being strong and robust. I saw myself on stage, performing my music. I saw my dream home. My dream wife. But I didn’t just ‘see’ them, I was there. You have to sit in a state where these things have already happened. Every. Single. Day. I could feel muscles under my shirt, I walked through my dream home, I made love to my dream partner. I stood and received the applause on stage.

This became my reality, in my mind, so what does the Universe do? It delivers because there is no time and space. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s in your imagination and what’s in the ‘real world’. When you really create it, it is created.

So whatever it is right now you want to create, look at The Core 4. If your desire hasn’t manifested yet, it is one of two things…

  1. Not enough time has elapsed
  2. You have not chosen, are not committed, don’t believe, or don’t have the right energy to bring it to life.

That’s it my friends. I am so excited to share this with you because for me it’s one of the few times I have felt like some of the more esoteric parts of our lives can be put into an easy-to-follow checklist that actually freaking works.

So whatever it is your heart seeks, whatever big scary goal you’ve been harbouring, whatever dream has been nagging at you for years (or even decades) to be brought to life, just come back to the Core 4. With this framework by your side, anything you want is possible. You have the power. And I know you can do it…

I would love to hear from you, so please tag me @iamnickbroadhurst on social media. Please also leave me a comment below (I read every single one!). And if you could take a minute to leave me a review on iTunes I would be very grateful. Tell me what you want more of! I am at your service.

P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health or lifestyle practice.

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