If your question is not answered in the FAQ’s below, please email us and we will respond within 48 hours.

Speaking & Media

I want to interview Nick for my website/podcast

To book Nick for an interview, please email with details about you, your podcast or brand, and what topics you would like to interview Nick on. If Nick accepts the interview request, please have ready some example questions, plus rate your audience on a scale of 1-10 on the woo-woo scale. 0 = my audience are at the beginning of the journey and get freaked out about words like ‘meditation’ or ‘universe’. 10 = my audience know all about masculine and feminine energy, wash their crystals on each full moon and are ready to be challenged by Nick’s #radicalhonesty.

How can I book Nick for a live performance?

Please email with details of your event or festival, as well as details on the venue, audience size, location and your budget.

Who do I contact for Press Enquiries?

You can contact Nick’s team a

The Nick Broadhurst Show

I would like to become a show sponsor

Great! Currently, we are not accepting any show sponsors as Nick has wanted to keep this promotion free. However, please email us to register your interest at, and if anything changes in the future you will be the first to know.

How can I be a guest on the show?

The Nick Broadhurst Show is a ‘solocast’ which means there are no guests on the show. However, we are always open to ideas, so if you think you have something earth-shatteringly epic, then please email and let us know.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

I would like to send Nick my product or a gift

Nick is super grateful that you want to send him your product or a gift, but please be aware that there is no guarantee he will share your product as he can’t share everything he is sent. If it is a food or health product you would like to send, please only send products that are 100% organic (or as good as organic because we know the term ‘organic’ has been diluted over the years. ;). You can email with your product description and ingredients list overview and we will get back to you.

I want Nick to be an ambassador for my product/program/brand

Please email your ambassador proposal to Make sure to include as much information about the partnership as possible, as well as your expectations of Nick, budget for the partnership, intended length of partnership and details about how it will be beneficial for both parties.

I want to chat about a collaboration with Nick

If you would like to collaborate with Nick, please email with all the details. Make sure to include as much information about the collaboration as possible, including your expectations of Nick, budget for the collaboration and details about how it will be beneficial for both parties.

Other Questions

I would like to repost an article from Nick’s website

Please email to request approval before re-sharing any of Nick’s articles. All articles need to be credited to Nick and linked back to this website.

I want to invite Nick to my event or launch party

Please send your invitation to with all the juicy details.

I would like Nick to write an article for my website/publication/magazine

Please email with a brief for the article, details about the publication and the audience reach/exposure, and how it will be beneficial for both parties.