How I Cured Candida and SIBO with Sweet Potato and Maple Syrup

Candida. It's that pesky little fungus that has not only become its own epidemic but created huge confusion in the health and wellness space. But is it as hard to heal as we have been led to believe? Today I am going to share my own gut health journey. From restrictive diets to dangerous detoxes and protocols, I have tried it all. But it wasn’t until I started eating sweet potato and maple syrup that I finally kicked candida to the curb and discovered the holy grail of gut health.
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I am so happy that I get to share this because it has been one hell of a battle. A battle which in 2017 I didn’t know if I could get through. This is a topic I am incredibly passionate about because in my own health journey I have tried it all. And if you know anything about me by now, you will know that I am somewhat of a Pitta perfectionist and if I do anything, I do it 100% all the way, by the book. So when I say I have tried everything, I mean I have really done it properly. Not half-assed. I wasn’t whole plating slabs of chocolate brownie when no one was looking.

And I also want to preface this conversation by saying nothing here is hypothetical. I have the data to prove how bad my candida and SIBO was in the form Urine Organic Acid test results from October 2017, and 2015. This test is the gold standard of determining the state of your gut health. I have not had to do a stool analysis in this final phase of healing my candida and gut.

These results showed me a comparison of before and after doing a well-intentioned, but in my opinion ill-informed gut ‘healing’ protocol. After doing the protocol, in some cases, my pathogenic overgrowth had become around 5 times worse! I had gone from a case of pretty mild candida to severe large intestinal and small intestinal dysbiosis.

The popular thinking around gut health is that you need to go after it hard, either with strong probiotics and fermented foods or with antibiotics. What I have learned in life is that whenever you go after something ‘hard’ there is always a price to pay somewhere else. If you attack one organism like candida, what else are you shifting and allowing in during that process? If you focus so much on the gut while not paying attention to the rest of your body, your mind and your spirit, you are absolutely going to create an imbalance.

Have a think about where in your life you are being hardcore, and then look for the opposites. They will be there. I encourage you to please be gentle with yourself, which is why I did a whole episode on this called exactly that, Please Be Gentle With Yourself.

Don’t look at your beautiful body as something that needs to be attacked. Your body is a beautiful messenger mirroring all the areas you need to work on.
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  All the things you need to work on within yourself.

But I didn’t see that. I attacked it year after year with things that were supposed to be helping me. I could list all the types of protocols I have done, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars I spent, but out of respect for the work of those people who all have very good intentions, I want to just show you what worked.

But let’s talk about probiotics and fermented foods. Imagine you have a blocked toilet pipe, perhaps after taking a massive poo… I am sure we have all done that. What’s the best way to clean that… With more poo, or by finding a tool to clear the blockage?

You are going to reach for the tool right? Well, that’s the purpose of this episode. To give you the tools.

When you have an overgrowth of bacteria in your small intestine it makes no sense to be taking more bacteria and putting on top of that hoping you will somehow clear the blockage. How does more bacteria clear a bacterial overgrowth?

That’s where I went so horribly wrong and created severe bacterial overgrowth and SIBO. I was going after it with the wrong tools like fermented drinks, cultured vegetables, cultured yoghurt and various types of probiotics. On top of that, I was following what I believe to be a rather dangerous process of using things like resistant starches to feed the supposed ‘good’ bacteria in my gut. But all I was doing was feeding the good and bad guys, and the bad guys far outnumbered the good. No matter how much good I pumped in, I simply created more overgrowth of the bad.

As I said, this is not hypothetical, I have the results to prove it.

Another thing which I believe now to be so common sense, yet I didn’t see it until this year, is that certain types of bacteria should be in specific parts of your gastrointestinal tract. There are one bacteria as an example that we all want to have healthy levels of, and that’s Bifidobacterium longum. This friendly bacteria is found in optimal levels in the colons of some of the longest-lived people in the world. The keyword here is ‘colons’ which is your large intestine.

If our pipes are backed up all the way into our small intestine and we go putting large intestine bacteria into the small intestine hoping it will make its way to the large intestine and live happily ever after, well, guess what. It can’t. Maybe a little will, but because there is overgrowth in the small intestine, guess where most of it starts to grow? In the small intestine. Now you have a large intestine bacteria growing in the wrong place. Hello SIBO.

I had never had SIBO, I may have had candida, but SIBO was new to me, and that came about after going after my gut with too many ferments and probiotics. What was the result of this for me? I was depressed (of course I was because my gut where 90% of the happy hormone serotonin is produced was a total mess), I had no libido, no drive or ambition, no energy (I can clearly remember walking along Bondi Beach one afternoon in tears because I couldn’t make the distance) and a mind that simply no longer functioned very well.

This meant I was a pretty horrible human for the better part of a year. I was in really deep, and the scary thing is that I was a lucky one. I had so many tools and so much support, that even though I had dug a very deep hole for myself, I just managed to crawl out. Just. I wonder how many people don’t have the support or knowledge to climb out of that place?

I meet them all the time. They reach out to me on social media daily in desperation. That was the driving force behind launching this show, to make sure you have the tools.

So, what do maple syrup and sweet potato have to do with this? Even uttering those words under your breath when dealing with candida will provoke hot debate. And yes, ok, it wasn’t sweet potato and maple syrup that cured my candida, but they played a pivotal role in my body being able to heal.

With a gut in crisis I had wrecked my mitochondria, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not fat that regrows your mitochondria, it’s glucose. In the process of curing my candida and SIBO I was told to get as much glucose in as possible in the form of sweet potato, maple syrup, oats, white rice (not cooked and cooled, regular war yummy basmati rice), berries, banana and other fruits. Maple syrup was used as medicine in my water, in my smoothie and on my oats.

Now, if you know anything about candida elimination diets, you will recognise every single one of those foods would be deemed kryptonite for candida. Well, not so. It turns out that there are foods you need to avoid like garlic and onion (yep I know, you have been told they are good for gut health, which is true eventually, but not when you are clearing the pipes), honey, the skin of sweet potato and other FODMAP foods (you can google FODMAP to see what foods make that list), cauliflower, nuts, celery and Jerusalem artichokes. That’s just a quick snapshot.

But an essential part of this was ‘how’ I ate these foods and in what order. For more information on that head back to the previous episode number 100, How Food Combining Will Transform Your Digestion.

The diet I was prescribed was a total liberation. It was all the foods I instinctively loved. But remember in the healing process if you are not working with your unique body type according to Ayurveda, then you can go awry here. The amounts of natural sugar-rich foods I needed to eat is what my body needed as a severely imbalanced Vata Pitta body type. You may be totally different.

For 12 weeks what I was working on was first clearing the pipes while making my body strong enough to heal while we were doing the work. The first 4 weeks are focused on breaking down what’s called the biofilm which is basically when all types of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi get together and end up growing together in a tight-knit densely packed colony.

So the equivalent of clearing the pipes is all about using various enzymes and herbs to dissolve the biofilm so that you can expose the pathogenic bacteria to the herbs which start to reduce them to healthy levels. In the first four weeks, the only bacteria you take is a type of yeast called Saccharomyces boulardii. This yeast is used like a placeholder which takes up space which was previously being dominated by the overgrowth bacteria and stops them from taking hold again.

You then move onto different types of enzymes and start to introduce a probiotic in the form of acidophilus. And then the last four weeks you are starting to build up the healthy bacteria with various types of lacto and bifidobacteria.

That’s a total oversimplification of the genius of this protocol, but you get the idea. Often to get different results we need to try something different. And let me tell you; right now I feel freaking amazing. I am not so concerned about gut health now as I have the tools. My focus is now about how good can I really be in this body. How amazing can I feel? I feel strong, I have a high libido, I have energy, my mind has clarity, I am happy, I am balanced and I have a strong sense of unstoppable purpose. That is our birthright and what I want for you.

The physical body is one part of the equation. We still have to do the spiritual work, but when you are in deep with candida and SIBO, what you now know may go against popular belief, but it worked for me and has worked for thousands of people at the Cabral Wellness Institute.

If you want to see the exact protocol I did which was developed by my mentor and now friend Stephen Cabral, head to

I really hope that has shed some light on this confusing topic.

I would love to hear from you, so please tag me @iamnickbroadhurst on social media. Please also leave me a comment below (I read every single one!). And if you could take a minute to leave me a review on iTunes I would be very grateful. Tell me what you want more of! I am at your service.

P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.


    • Hey Nick! Love your podcasts!!! Especially the last one on SIBO and candida.

      I know you left the link to Stephen Cabrals protocol in the show notes, thank you!

      I’m just wondering if you could share the diet protocol? I’m actually doing a SIBO protocol myself atm with my naturopath, though would love to see exactly what the food guidelines were for you at each stage- to compare it to what I’m doing myself!

      Thanks in advance and thanks for creating such an amazing podcast, I love listening!

      Brenna xx

      October 19, 2018
      • Hey there, you can google his Sensitive Gut Guide. I prefer not to link to it as it is part of his protocol, but if you find it then you will get great benefits!

        Nick Broadhurst
        October 20, 2018
    • Hey Nick,

      I was wondering if when you did the CBO protocol if you ate sweet potato,maple syrup, rice, oats while on the protocol from the start or had to avoid for the beginning part stages?
      I am excited for my labs to arrive and to work with one of Stephen’s coaches to quide me through this process of helping my body restore balance, find root cause, and make further progress, after all the protocols I have tried to heal. Also suffering severe weight loss similar to yourself eleven months ago so hoping in eleven months that is different for me too!

      Have a great day


      November 8, 2018
      • Hey Kylie! So great to hear you are on this journey :) Yes, I did include them from the beginning, but that was very specific to my body type. It was hard at first as my body did not know what to do with the carbs, but in time it all came back to equilibrium.

        Nick Broadhurst
        November 9, 2018
    • Hey Nick! Thanks so much for replying! I literally can’t wait till my first skype consult and til labs arrive and I can send them off to get a really clear picture. Pretty desperate right now not knowing where to turn and having tried so many things and yes healed in ways already but equally still declining severely and not doing well. So hoping this sets me on a path towards ultimate wellness.
      I think my body is going through some of that not knowing what to do with carbs this year trying to get them back in. Hopefully my journey with Stephens team will help find what my body needs etc. thanks so much.

      November 10, 2018
      • I know you are on the right track!

        Nick Broadhurst
        November 13, 2018
    • I forgot to ask when you cook your oats do you rinse them before cooking after having soaked them overnight or cook them in soaking liquid? Do you soak rice overnight as well to help break down lectins?
      Literally maple syrup in water? Never tried maple syrup before :)
      Random but
      Your chicken curry what do you put in it? looks like it would be tasty!

      November 10, 2018
      • Yep, definitely soak your oats. I don’t soak the rice.

        Nick Broadhurst
        November 13, 2018
    • thanks Nick! I hope so.
      I have read different schools of thought when you soak the oats.. do you cook them in the liquid they have soaked in or rinse them and cook them in fresh liquid? varying thoughts on this keen to know what you find is best

      November 13, 2018
      • Well, the point of soaking is to remove lectins, so why then use that same water again? I rinse them but don’t go as far as straining them in a nut milk bag or anything like that :)

        Nick Broadhurst
        November 17, 2018
    • Hey is there a special kind of maple syrup you used ? I’m having symptoms of ongoing bloating/fewer bowel movements and idk what it is.

      December 10, 2018
      • Nothing special… no. Just organic. Just remember, this is not about maple syrup.. that was just a bit of fun. If you listen to the whole episode you will know that this is about healing the gut first. You have to get to the root cause :)

        Nick Broadhurst
        January 10, 2019
    • Hey Nick, what about brown rice? What are your thoughts on this?

      January 3, 2019
      • Hey Alana, brown rice is much harder to digest and high in lectins, so I prefer white rice purely as a source of energy for my cells and not so much for nutrition.

        Nick Broadhurst
        January 10, 2019
    • Hey nick, did you do the Stephen Cabral detox, or just the candida protocol?

      January 25, 2019
      • I did the detox while I was waiting for my first appointment with Stephen. But had to modify it to include more carbs and berries in my smoothie so that I did not become too catabolic. Then I did CBA amongst other things.

        Nick Broadhurst
        February 16, 2019
    • I love everything about this post, as it resonates deeply with my healing journey (the fatigue, brain fog, loss of libido, that whole shebang!).

      Just reading this has relaxed my nervous system and it feels like the right step to take next!

      After about 7 years of trying GAPS, KETO, raw vegan, fruitarian, fermented everything, medical medium protocol, elemental diet for 3 weeks, etc., with only worsening of symptoms, I am ready to trust my intuition again.

      I am also Vata Pitta, attempting to balance some extreme SIBO/SIFO (on top of other chronic infections!) after very little luck on some of the most restrictive diets. My weight has dropped to 86 (i’m 5’4”) so I’m desperately trying to heal my gut so I can start absorbing some vitality again!

      I LOVE the sensitive gut guide, but noticed it says to avoid grains for the first 21 days.

      I’m curious if you have a sample meal plan that you used that helped in the process while you took the enzymes? I noticed the sensitive gut guide says to avoid grains for the 1st 21 days, but I am eager to include white rice, as it seems to be helping maintain my weight and optimism!

      Open to any and all ideas!

      March 5, 2019
      • Hey there, I included rice straight away and oats to pacify vata. Depends on your constitution and gut health but for me building strength was a priority for healing.

        Nick Broadhurst
        March 7, 2019
    • Hey Nick,
      Thanks for this great post,
      I have had a very similar journey and i am thinking of seeing Dr Cabral after reading your post. My question is how are you feeling now after completing Dr Cabral’s protocols last year? I only ask because it seems common for sibo to come back even after the most rigours protocols.
      Warm Regards,

      April 1, 2019
      • Hey Ben, well I feel great. I am 100% from where I was. Now for me, it’s all about how ‘good’ can I really feel. Everyone has a different journey, but for me this was when it all started to make sense.

        Nick Broadhurst
        April 20, 2019
    • Sweet potatoes, maple syrup, oats and white, LOL. Keep dreaming. I ate those foods for years and had consistent yeast and candida problems. I would bet so much money your not “cured” at all, and will have continuous issues, especially eating sugar and oats. Moving to Japan and living off wild fish, seaweed and greens is what cured me. Because you have to be low sugar, low carb, high omega 3, vitamin D, A and K2 in order to cure Sibo and Candida, as well as daily enzymes and probiotics. Your right about Saccharomyces boulardii, that’s a game changer not many people know of, I bet that healed you more then anything. But eating those foods you are kidding yourself, candida, yeast, parasites, and viruses thrive off those foods.

      June 19, 2019
      • Hey Ryan, I always respect everyone’s opinion and individual journey. It’s all about doing what feels best for you. That said, everything I have shared in this episode is backed by science. The title is unashamedly playful, but the information is valid and I continue to get healthier and stronger every day. Wishing you all the best.

        Nick Broadhurst
        August 5, 2019
    • Hi Nick

      I stumbled across your web site by accident in a desperate attempt to try and find a solution to Candida, parasites dysfunctional gut and previously Lyme disease.

      So far massive muscle and weight loss, carbs in the past always kept me strong and full off energy, since giving them up I’m a weak, fatigue, mental wreck, a shadow of my former self.

      Funny enough I’ve also battled coffee issues too. I’ve tried a strict Candida diet for two years with no success. I am starting a version of the protocol you used, adding oats, rice and bananas, with a low food map diet…. very early days but I would like to ask you whether you felt achy and fatigue at the beginning of the new diet, as I do now?

      I’m also taking the required enzymes, herbs and saccharomyces boulardii, first phase.

      Really pleased you’re in good health and my god what a battle this can be.

      Kind Regards


      Russell Stone
      June 27, 2019
      • Hey Russell, so glad to hear this has been helpful for you. In the beginning, I had so much mitochondrial damage and such a bad gut that I felt terrible for at least the first 6 weeks. Take it slow. There is no rush. It’s a life long journey :)

        Nick Broadhurst
        August 5, 2019
    • Hey there Nick,
      Thank you for sharing your story and how you moved through the challenge of digestive issues. My situation is very similar and I have yet to find a protocol that is able to turn the tide. I have a few questions, is it possible to find the list of reccomend foods that you followed apart from buying the whole protocol? Most Ayurvedic practitioners aren’t too fond of digestive enzymes, do you feel they helped you? Why are sweet potatoe skins to be avoided? I am Vata-Pita as well, do you have any adive specific to our constitution? Lastly, bananas?

      September 2, 2019
      • Hey there, hard to list all the foods here, but Google ‘Cabral Sensitive Gut Guide’ which should help you :)

        Nick Broadhurst
        October 19, 2019
    • Thank you so much for your inspiration and honesty. I apologize for the length of this post.

      Your journey is similar to mine, only, I’m currently at the lowest point in my life. I have 2 amazing kids and I am now an impatient, tired, sick mother to them. It breaks my heart. I’m always apologizing for not playing with them like I used to, and snapping at silly things. It’s not “me” but it’s still my fault, not theirs.

      I am very type A, mostly Vata (as I have learned this past week through listening to your series), and I also do everything 100%. I’m sure I had work-stressed myself into the mess I’m in, but no matter what I do, or which medical / natural / holistic professionals help me, my physical and mental health continue to decline.

      Long story short, 3 years ago, I finally figured out that my vertigo, low blood pressure, ear itchiness, constant head and ear pressure, brain fog, and daily migraines were from eating gluten and dairy. I gave them up, and ALL of my symptoms completely vanished. I thought I found my “cure.”

      6 months later, they started creeping back up again even though I was extra careful, eating very well, and exercising. The symptoms started getting so bad that I sought answers again. Like you, well meaning people put me on the wrong paths. I also started trying to heal my gut, consuming way too many high histamine and fermented foods. I was put on countless protocols by FMDs, naturopaths, etc and I am running out of money. I was an ambitious career woman, and now I spend my days not working, in the sauna, meditating, doing yoga, cooking only organic, non-processed food, and I have never felt worse. My social life is gone because I can’t eat and I am constantly dizzy. The only time I don’t feel all of the symptoms is when I fast for 2 days… well, fasting 24/7 is not an option and I’m already underweight. Intermittent fasting keeps me “well” enough to get out of bed, but that’s not living.

      I never had typical symptoms of SIBO or Candida such as bloating, gassiness, thrush, etc, so they weren’t on anyone’s radar.

      Now I have lost oral tolerance to almost every food. I developed a histamine intolerance, and my body gets all of these symptoms from simply eating itself. I’ve tried total eliminations, making my own lists, etc. I literally cannot eat one thing without feeling all of these effects. It is a nightmare.

      I started listening to your Ayurveda Series, and plan on learning about Food Combining next. I also checked out Dr. Cabral’s CBO protocol and am very interested. What holds me back is how limited my food is, and the fact that I react to most supplements and all probiotics… react as in, I can’t stand up because my head is on fire / pounding so intensely that I can barely see. I also developed IgG allergies to eggs, which is in the Florafilm.

      My point in all of this is to ask these question: what helped you the MOST in combatting SIBO and Candida? Was it being true to yourself while following the important parts of the protocol? Did you consume higher glucose foods from the beginning, day 1, even though it’s “against” the protocol because that’s what your body thrives on? Or did you follow his food lists, and add back in the foods that you know are best for you in the 3rd month? Were your symptoms similar to mine, or typical SIBO / Candida? What is the best way to achieve homeostasis in immunity (not over or under active), nervous system, etc?

      I know we are all different, but I feel like even with all of my extensive testing through my FMD, I never fit into a “category” and am never “diagnosed” with anything. That must means I have to listen to what’s best for me, but I don’t know how to find that.

      I have to take back control somehow, but no amount of meditating, relaxing, or perfect eating has helped. 3 years ago I could eat whatever I wanted, was full of energy, and was a much better parent. Even though my tests come back “negative”, I believe that my immune system is attacking my entire body, including anything I consume. I never ever catch colds or the flu – which has stumped all of the professionals. That has to be my immune system on overdrive though, right?

      Thank you for reading this novel. I am truly at a loss and need hope that I will be able to heal. I love food, cooking, my family, and friends, but now I fear food and am basically an anti-social hermit. My body and symptoms don’t match my personality anymore.

      September 26, 2019
      • Thank you so much for sharing Rya. There is so much in there to unpack. Have you looked at working with Stephen directly? Feels to me the best thing you could have if someone like Stephen or one of his coaches in your life. Also, look at the Medical Medium books. Some great stuff in there, especially Liver Rescue 💙

        Nick Broadhurst
        October 19, 2019
    • The medical medium was disproved and found out to be a hack. I’ve been calling the clinic numerous times, but no one ever answers. After calling yesterday I received a text with prices and a link to tests offered, but I need to speak with at least a health coach to figure out which test I need. My issues originated from wrongful drug use, over vaccination and then doing a juice fast for a month got me into all of the trouble that I am currently in with my health and probably could have just stuck to my prescribed medicine for a couple months and would have been fine. NEVER do a juice fast/feast because not eating and cutting out fats and fiber will only cause so many more issues for your body if done for more than 2 maybe 3 days but I wouldn’t even recommend that. I’ll never attempt dry or water fasting. I’m suffering really bad from malabsorbtion issues, I have SIBO and a fungal overgrowth, gastro issues like reflux and in 2 months can’t even gain an ounce of weight.

      October 30, 2019
      • Hi Mitchell, personally I have found the information by Anthony very informative and have not read anywhere in his books to do a water or juice fast. Quite the opposite actually. But you have to go with your gut instinct. If it doesn’t feel right, look into someone like Dr. Stephen Cabral. I hope that helps and wish you all the best. NB

        Nick Broadhurst
        December 11, 2019
    • Nick, I have goosebumps, we sounds like twins. Sadly our health journeys sound identical! The only thing I am unsure about is if I have SIBO. I’ve definitely had Glandular Fever and Lyme Disease, which I know you’ve mentioned previously.

      As you absolutely know, being this sick is frightening, and I really need to crawl out of this massive hole, so I sincerely hope this doesn’t come across in a negative way. I just really need answers and to recover my health as my life feels like it is slipping away. I was listening to Melissa’s podcast this morning with Donna Gates from 2017, and Mel thanked Donna for getting you well and out of being bedridden. It seems that you did Body Ecology which initially helped but eventually made your bacterial overgrowth worse. Is that correct? I heard Donna say in the podcast to fix SIBO before doing Body Ecology, so that could be where things went wrong for you. I have almost zero good bacteria in my gut based on stool test, and years doing stupid and dangerous diets like Keto, and am 3 weeks in to Body Ecology and my Candida is getting better. I had huge die off initially, even my joints were aching. Anyway I guess I’m asking if you still think Body Ecology is a great option for those who do not have SIBO? Good bacteria also have biofilms so I’m very cautious of taking biofilm busters when I have very little good bacteria left. Once you wipe out a species, it’s gone.

      November 19, 2019
      • Hey Laura, I did BE a long time ago and for different health reasons. The best testimony I can give is based off my more recent journey which Dr. Stephen Cabral helped me out of. It’s all about tuning in to what feels best for you. We also highly recommend educating yourself with something like IHP so you can become the healer in your own home. You can learn more about that here. Hope that helps. x

        Nick Broadhurst
        December 11, 2019
    • Hi Nick, I’ve recently come across yours and Melissas podcasts and have dove into listening to most of them. I’ve heard you speak about your own health journey and I have noticed recently you speak about Stephen Cabral often. I know you have mentioned that he helped you with your own health stuff but I can’t help but wonder if both you and Melissa promote him for business reasons also? I hope this doesn’t come across rude in any way. I’ve just had a lot of my own chronic health battles with CFS, ‘Lyme’, mold toxicity and being bedridden most days for the past 2 years. I have followed so many diets and spent thousands of dollars on tests, supplements and Doctors. I recently followed a raw vegan diet for healing purposes which has made my health and nervous system even worse. I would love to work with Stephen Cabral but obviously I have to question whether or not he is the ‘real deal’ I guess you could say, and if he his work is largely based off promoting weight loss and supplements etc with a standard blanket approach. I’m starting to lose hope with my health and I have become severely depressed and suicidal and my family are quite concerned about me. I also am not working at the moment and I am on a pension, so the cost of the tests on Stephens website are quite costly. I don’t even know where to begin. Do you know if the prices on his website are in USD or AUD or if he does payment plans with tests and consults etc? I can’t help but feel soooo happy for you that you have your health back, but at the same time I do feel a little envious that you have the money to be able to spend and invest on the best doctors, tests and supplements. Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom. I hope to regain my health back one day too.

      November 30, 2019
      • Hi Em, I totally understand the question. You just want results, and that’s why we promote Stephen. If you have heard my story you will know the hole he helped to dig me out of. I can’t give a stronger testimony than that. If we ever promote something it’s because we believe in it. Pricing is in USD on his site. You can always reach out to his team with any questions. Hope that helps :) Wishing you all the best with your healing journey. x

        Nick Broadhurst
        December 11, 2019
    • So is the basis of this diet sweet potatoes, rice, and other vegan carbs? Trying to get an understanding of what the basis of this diet should be and why it works because been sick for a while now and trying to heal. Would you say when you were healing yourself your diet consisted of a lot of sweet potatoes and rice?

      December 22, 2019
      • Healing is about so much more than diet. It’s holistic. But working with Stephen is what kick-started me. I am now 100% wholefood plant-based and ever felt better.

        Nick Broadhurst
        January 31, 2020
    • Hey Nick!

      Love all your podcasts, including this one =) Somewhat related question here, haha – I’m doing Anthony Williams candida protocol, and it’s going well – but he doesn’t specify in his book how long to stay with the supplements / vitamins. I heard you mention recently on Melissa’s podcast that you have done a couple of his protocols as well, so thought it was worth a try to ask; how long do you think is a good amount of time to stay with the supplements, before transitioning off them and just sticking with the diet?

      February 8, 2020
      • It’s super personal, to be honest. Medical Medium really is more of a lifestyle than a protocol. From my experience it has been working with supplements until the symptoms start to resolve and you feel better, so only you can know. But hey, I am not a Dr or MM practitioner, so look up someone like Amber Vizzicarro or Robin Miller for more guidance. x

        Nick Broadhurst
        February 19, 2020
    • Hi Nick
      As always I bloody love your content! Like most listeners have my own health issues that I am trying to dig myself out of. Still waiting to see Stephen (fingers crossed) working with a health coach at the moment. I am about to start the immune protocol before going onto the detox. I am Vata pitta and wanted to know if you did the two day fasting or if you went straight into days 3-7? When you reintroduced carbs did your blood sugar take time to stabilise?
      Keep up the great work both you and Melissa do


      June 13, 2020
      • Hey Tess, I did the two days fasting but in hindsight would have been better blending in some wild blueberries to give some energy. It was too deleting for me 🙏🏼

        Nick Broadhurst
        June 24, 2020
    • Rya, have you looked into what’s in your environment that might be causing your symptoms? It could very well be mold.

      June 18, 2020
    • Hi Nick, my son is 7.5 yrs he was diagnosed fungus (oral thrush) in October 2019 & prescribed Mycostin or Nystatin 3 full dropper 4 times daily for 2 weeks & it’s gone ,than it happens again & again each time i give him the same dropper , till another pediatrician told me that it’s Candida & his age is something rare & wrong for the unbalance between good & bad bacteria so he started candida diet from 16 days all sugars , carbs (Bread , toast , rice , pasta ect) ,preserves, fruits r banned , & she told me potatoes ، sweet potatoes & taro r ok as an alternatives carbs , stevia instead of sugar , kefir & plain yogurts 2-3 times daily , he started to be frustrated & angry he misses all the food he likes , we r suffering in the breakfast meal coz no options r available instead of salad , eggs & kefir ! Plz advise me what to do? Is it harmful for him this diet & is it normal for a kid in his age to be banned from all kind of sugars & fruits for a whole year ?! & to live on stevia only !! & no carbs @ all ?

      September 3, 2020
      • Hi Dodi, I totally feel you. I remember when my son was little and had bad eczema and asthma. It was so challenging. I am not a doctor so I can’t give advice. I can speak for me and what I would do though, and when someone has a gut that is imbalanced I would be very mindful of any dairy. Honestly thoough, you need to fix the underlying root cause, which is his gut. Dr Syeohen Cabral does have a Kids Candida Protocol which you can find on his site. I would be working with a professional like Stephen or one of his coaches, but first doing the tests and getting the data. Hope that helps.

        Nick Broadhurst
        September 8, 2020
    • Hi Nick. I am not usually a podcast listener, but I am glad I stumbled here. I have had Candida and SIBO for nearly 3 decades so I know it won’t be quick or easy, but I am finally working with a naturopath to address it. Only 1 1/2 weeks in and pretty miserable. I feel like my lack of starches and carbs is absolutely destroying my mental energy. I am very Vata dominant and my sweet cravings are off the hook. It feels like the lack of sugar right now is slowly killing my brain cells! Or at least my ability to produce energy for my brain. I will try maple syrup. It is already one of my favorite foods on earth anyway. I will check out the protocol you recommend. Thank you for being a beacon of hope. I feel like nobody understands me when I tell them probiotics cause me pain, not health. But is nice to hear validation so well put. It is tough for all of us trapped in this deepening pit of gut dysbiosis. Something so simple can affect your entire life very profoundly.

      September 20, 2020
      • So glad this is useful Cait. Yes, the traditional path is to try and starve the candida by removing sugars and starches, but it’s very hard to heal anything when your body has no energy or fuel. It’s important to work with someone you trust and hope you find your path 🙏🏼

        Nick Broadhurst
        September 21, 2020
    • Hi, and sorry for the lazy question but maybe I don’t have to listen to this (great!) episode again to confirm this: do you eat carbs first or protein first? TIA !!!

      October 21, 2020
      • Carbs ;)

        Nick Broadhurst
        November 4, 2020
    • Hi Nick, I diceided to do a high carb diet, as was balanced in doing high fruit and veggies, but in somehow fuits give me blooting and hard abs, in somehow fructose gives headache, even in sweet potato. But, my question is what is yout blood type? Because I like oats but at the same time I think it cross react with gluten in my case, and both are considered harmul for Blood type O which is mine. Since now I thank you a lot for your post.

      Pedro Ricardo
      November 9, 2020
      • Hey Pedro, I am not a Dr so this is just based on my personal experience. I don’t put too much emphasis on blood type diets personally. Everyone is so different, but I always say that what worked for me was staring with the gut. My #1 recommendation is to look into Dr Stephen Cabral’s CBO Protocol.

        Nick Broadhurst
        November 16, 2020
    • HI again Nick, Thank you so much for sharing and replying to messages, it helps feel less alone.. I feel really hopeful : )

      QUICK QUESTION – Did Bloating go down dramatically during your first phase of healing or did it take a while to calm down?

      I feel I’m possibly more bloated taking microbials & S. boulardi. Like morning to night!
      I have been tackling my SIBO on and off with herbs and a paleo type diet for ages so I think my poor gut might need calming.

      I’m hoping it’s a kind of die-off.
      Excited to try a little soaked oats and white rice etc as I am Vata/Pitta … it makes sense to help feed the cells and strengthen the body to heal longterm.

      I’m going to look into working with Stephen Cabral for support.

      Thank you sooo much again.

      emma churchley
      November 10, 2020
      • Hey Emma, for me personally I never really had bloating. Definitely look in Stephen’s work and check out my interview on his podcast for more eon my journey. x

        Nick Broadhurst
        November 16, 2020
    • Can you elaborate on how the Medical Medium has been disproved and proven to be a hack? I was originally super skeptical but couldn’t find anything of substance that would turn me off to it so I went along with it!

      Carter Hauge
      December 9, 2020
    • Please disregard my last comment! I got confused on what you vs other people were saying! Glad to see you defending MM!

      Carter Hauge
      December 9, 2020
    • Hello Nick,

      I tried going to Candida and Bacterial Overgrowth Protocol, but it says page doesn’t exist. Could you please send me the protocol to [email protected]? I would appreciate it so much.



      January 31, 2021
    • Hi rhea
      I am in same boat I donno what to do pls help I am in pathetic stage

      February 16, 2021
      • I suggest you read The Rain Barrel Effect by Dr Stephen Cabral and keep moving forward. Wherever you are, you can heal. 🙏🏼

        February 16, 2021
    • Hi!

      This was a really refreshing take on the rather elusive topic of Candida and SIBO. Thanks!

      I have been diagnosed with Candida and before i was diagnosed I had lost about 6-7 kgs, I’m now at 45kgs. My diet includes a combination of non starchy vegetables, healthy fats (chia seeds), proteins (eggs) and probiotics. I seem to be getting better but I don’t feel very certain about my recovery. I’m still at the same weight, have fatigue spells, experience brain fog and memory loss every now and then. Should i tweak my diet in some way? What could I do to reduce the frequency of these of fatigue and brain fog?

      July 24, 2021
      • Hav you looked at Stephen’s CBP protocol? That’s ground zero for me… best place to start. Check it out here.

        July 26, 2021
    • Curious as to how this regiment works for systemic candida? I’ve been battling it myself for over 10 years and have gotten nowhere. I can’t touch a carb or starch of any kind without severe flair up of symptoms.

      February 14, 2022
      • I would definitely get in touch with the team at The Cabral Wellness Institute and seek their guidance, or start the CBO Protocol.

        February 14, 2022
    • Are instant oats okay to soak and eat, or are old-fashioned oats far healthier?

      Tami Davies
      July 29, 2023
      • Instant oats are reduced in fibre, so no good. You want normal rolled oats.

        September 28, 2023
    • I had to go find your website and then looked to see that you’re selling some thing. You’re really not out to help people with candida. You’re in there to make a profit. I had to print off your document that you advertised and I thought you were going to actually tell people what you did to help curate. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      August 24, 2023
      • What am I selling exaclty? There is nothing for sale on this website. Please do your research before posting comments like this.

        September 28, 2023
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