Radical Honesty Series: Let’s Talk Money

Money, money, money. Why is it that when it comes to radical honesty, very few people feel comfortable to really share in details how they make their money? I mean, come on, who doesn’t wonder about this? It’s something that many of our friends get asked all the time…. “How do Nick and Melissa make their money?”. Well today I am going to break that taboo, put money talk back on the table, and share exactly how Melissa and I have created wealth.
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I started taking down some ideas for this episode while I was in China where I can’t access my Google Drive and for the first time in years am actually creating a word document to write down some thoughts for this episode.

I love the freedom I have on The Nick Broadhurst Show. It’s just me. No rules. No one telling me what is ok and what’s not ok. I get to speak about things like Conscious Ejaculation and sex, things which are so taboo. I find it so strange that sex is taboo. The other day I had one of my close girlfriends send me a voice message on Voxer about her latest full body orgasm, just like we were chatting about a good meal at a restaurant … it’s interesting, exciting, and it’s totally comfortable.

You can hear about sex, orgasm and many more things in the following episodes:

So what has this got to do with money? Money is another taboo topic. Just the other day we had a new friend come to our place. This person is pretty Instafamous and we connected over Instagram. And we sat in our living room just establishing a baseline of who we all are and what we are about, I sat there wondering… how does this person make their money? This is not out of envy, it was just curiosity. In fact Melissa was wondering the same thing because this person has a pretty epic life… and we are just curious. It’s the entrepreneur in us. I like to hear what people are doing, what’s working for them.

The next day Melissa and I were on the beach and we started speaking about why is money so taboo? Why, in this moments, don’t we just ask… hey, how do you make money? I would love to learn from you. But we don’t do this… in fact it’s the complete opposite. When money comes up, we protect it like it’s some international secret. I am guilty of this too. Just the other day one of our My Wellness Essentials team members who I was catching up with for a coconut milk reship elixir, asked me flat out what we paid for our new home in Noosa. And I just told her. I had wanted to keep that private, but why? I mean, it’s just a number! Who cares? Why don’t we use questions about money as an opportunity to share? We spend most of our lives involved in money producing activities… so why not share this massive part of our lives?

So in the spirit of hashtag #radicalhonesty, I am going to share with you how Melissa and I make our money. Hopefully there is something in here which sparks something in you.

We live a pretty simple life and are quite frugal with our money. Not to the point where it’s anal or restrictive, we just choose where that energy flows. We use bank accounts that have zero fees. We get the highest possible interest on all savings accounts, we don’t use credit for anything other than FF points, and have one card just for international transaction so that we don’t pay international transaction and conversion fees. We protect our money so the universe knows we are a safe vessel to send it to. This hasn’t always been the case for me… but I am learning. I think a good example of this is that the more successful you become, the more free stuff gets sent to you. The less you need it, the more you get. You attract what you fear, and repel what you want. If you fear having not enough to pay your bills, then that is the reality you will create. If you ‘want’ money from a place of fear, you will repel money, the very thing you want. It’s all just energy and intention.

We don’t question the cost of quality food, private education for Leo, travelling business class, staying in nice places, and having powerful experiences. And why shouldn’t this be our or your reality? To be able to consciously choose where your money goes and always have enough to experience life in full technicolour?

Ok, now let’s talk about my businesses first…

it’s funny, I am actually writing this right now having just boarded a flight from China to Nepal. I am in seat 1K, business class, so everyone has to walk past me. Watching people look at me as they walk past is fascinating because I know what they are thinking… how does this guy who is wearing a weird face mask, blue blocking sunnies, strange barefoot shoes and pants hiked up to his knees, afford business class? I have created lots of abundance over the years, and then lost it in things like failed businesses, divorce… well we never ‘lose’ it… it just passes on to someone else… and good luck to them… they obviously did something to call it in, away from me… it’s just energy right?

But now I get income from lots of places. One of my most lucrative investments lately has most definitely been in Cryptocurrencies. I am not a trader at all. I have hardly sold anything to be honest, but for some reason the universe has decided to take me on a very unexpected path. I have to thank my bromance Mike Sherbakov for introducing me to Crypto and Blockchain on that ferry ride from Athens to Naxos Island, and for my other bromance Terence Bell for a serendipitous connection with some very smart people all just having fun with this emerging field.

I can’t claim any brilliance here, other than just following my intuition. The benefit of doing the daily work, like meditation and choosing love as your operating system… most of the time… is that your intuition gets very strong. It’s kind of like being handed a secret key to the matrix. Intuition is that key. The Crypto Whatsapp group I am in laugh because they are mostly very experienced finance professionals yet somehow I seem to keep anticipating the market. Who said ignorance can’t be bliss?

There is a massive redistribution of wealth taking place right now, like never before. It makes the dotcom era look like child’s play, and it’s only just warming up. You will all have heard of Bitcoin… but I have never invested in Bitcoin … Bitcoin for me is a symbol of humanity looking for decentralised alternatives to store their wealth, where their sovereignty is in their own hands and not dependent on any government. I will do an episode, or perhaps a whole series on this one day once I feel like I understand it enough, because it is super complex, yet at the same time super simple. Can’t wait to share this with you.

Next I have royalties from my music. This comes from iTunes, Spotify etc… whenever someone plays one of my songs to buys it, I get a % of that. It used to be a very high % but I surrendered some of that to sign with my record label recently, mostly because that trade off between commission and connections is the leverage I was looking for. In music you also get paid whenever your music is played on radio, in bars, shopping malls, and there is also what’s called sync and licensing where tv stations, movies and brands pay to use my music. Then of course there is touring which is perhaps the most lucrative once you hit the mainstream market.

I also have been production a film for many years, which I recently stepped away from to focus on my music and my life in general as it was becoming far too consuming. My business partner and I raised over $7M for this film and invested considerably in it ourselves. Out of this I own a % of all net profits from the film and any ancillary products like apps, books etc… once it is released next year. And have taken fees as an Executive Producer.

I had some money left over from my real estate days but used all of that to give me the space needed to create music. And even now I funnel all my money from the Broadhurst Group of companies and use it solely to fund creative projects such as tours, music videos, music production and even two documentaries I am planning. I love that my creativity fuels more creativity and I don’t need any of this money to survive.

Melissa and I also started My Wellness Essentials which is the name of our doTERRA Essential Oils team. In around 8 months it has grown to over 2100 people. This will generate a seven figure per year residual income for us soon, and we are teaching our team how to get to that level as well. Many of our team members are well on their way to that level of abundance… it’s just a matter fo time. Network Marketing truly is the most incredible business model. We never dreamed we would have a network marketing business. We had been using doTERRA in our home for many years, and the decision to go into business was purely driven by our desire to provide a vehicle for our tribe to move beyond some of their blocks and create true financial freedom. Network Marketing is the ultimate personal growth business. You can head to melissaambrosini.com/freedom to find out more. We would love for you to join us. It’s seriously the BEST fun. In fact the reason I am in this plane right now is because I am going to Nepal as part of doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation to work with indigenous farmers with their Wintergreen harvest, to live in a village in a remote part of the Himalayas, and be part of the opening of a health care centre that was funded by doTERRA. Come one now… how cool is that? Feel free to raise your eyebrows at Network marketing, or stay open to a new way… your choice.

I am also CEO of Melissa’s business. Melissa and I have created online products and programs that sell themselves basically. It takes years and a lot fo work to get it to that point, but when you do, online businesses afford you a similar level of freedom that Network marketing does. The first book I ever read on internet marketing was called How To Make Money While You Sleep. I wanted that so bad… I was in real estate at the time, digging every dollar out with serious hard work, on a. commission only basis. It was super stressful and i wanted a new way badly. It took many years but I finally figured it all out. And the secret weapon? Authenticity. Melissa has this in spades… here tribe adore her, and they trust her,. You can’t rush this process. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

Speaking of taking time…. there is her email database. When we met her database was around 8,000 people. This was a great example of the yin and yang of a relationship at play. Melissa had done all the work to build the foundations because she was just sharing because she wanted to share her own journey of healing, which is why her site used to be called Path To Wellness. When me met I had ‘failed’ in lots of online businesses, but I had the lessons I needed in order to take Melissa’s foundations to the next level.

Her database now is around 67,000 much loved weekly readers. We very rarely promote anything other than her weekly podcast episode, or perhaps a mention of My Wellness Essentials, but the power of an email database is that it really is a license to print money. If we do decide to promote one of her products or anything else, we know it will bring an influx of cashew into the business.

Apart from the online products, we receive income as royalties from her books and audiobooks, plus any advances from book deals. We sometimes promote other people’s products, if we believe in them. The two we have supported are B-School and Institute of Integrative Nutrition… or IIN as it’s known. These are two programs that Melissa paid for herself when she had nothing but a dream…and so when she speaks about them, it’s 100% authentic because they worked for her, which is why she is a top ambassador for both.

You can learn more about B-School by going to melissaambrosini.com/bschool and for IIN go to melissaambrosini.com/iin. Melissa also gets paid for keynote talks, and sometimes we accept a show sponsor if their brand is 100% aligned with Melissa’s mission, and if Melissa has used and loves the product herself. There are also times where we will be given something substantial, like Holden who give is beautiful cars to drive. This is money the bank because we don’t need to have our own car.

So there you have it… a touch of radical honesty for you.

I hope this has inspired you to be open about this topic that really should not be taboo. Sharing is how we learn. But let’s not just apply this to money… let’s talk about sex… baby… let’s create a radically honest world together. Let’s cut the smoke and mirrors and get to the point.

I would love to hear from you, so please tag me @IAmNickBroadhurst on social media, and use the hashtag #TheNickBroadhurstShow, or leave me a comment below (I read every single one!). And if you could take a minute to leave me a review (5 stars would be epic, but whatever feels true for you) on iTunes I would be very grateful. Tell me what you want more of! I am at your service.


    • This post is incredibly disingenuous. There is something very inauthentic about how you promote yourself and also DoTerra; path to freedom is purely money making for you.
      Your parents are incredibly wealthy and have funded most of your adult life. You have latched on to Melissa and leveraged off of her success. If you’re going to be ‘honest’, really be honest and not misleading – you influence too many people. I hope you allow this post to be published – that will prove how genuine you are.

      Beth R
      May 18, 2018
      • Hi Beth, all I can say is WOW. Clearly, you know nothing about me or my family. There are many incorrect assumptions in here, but rather than debate that which I know to be true, I will simply respect your wish to voice your opinion. Sending you love. NB

        B R O A D H U R S T
        May 20, 2018
    • Thanks for sharing some insight into how you manage your finances. Do you mind me asking about which banks you use online with no fees?

      June 19, 2018
      • In Australia we use Bankwest for business and ING for personal :)

        B R O A D H U R S T
        June 20, 2018
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