You Are The Best Mentor

It’s no secret that who the people we surround ourselves with are going to have an impact on our life. I want to tell you a secret of mine… in the past I have fallen into the trap of being too judgmental about who I spend time with. I have at times forgotten that the fastest way to elevate yourself is elevate another. That is being of service. In this episode we are going to talk about starting to see yourself as a mentor, because elevating another is the fastest way to elevate yourself.
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And that song you were listening to is a song called Just Us, which you can catch at And it’s kind of fitting for today’s episode because I’m going to be talking about how we can sometimes focus a bit too much on just us and what we can do to actually elevate other people, which in turn will elevate yourself.

Today, we’re going to be talking about something which it’s a new focus of mine and it became a bit of a New Year’s resolution for me, something that I wanted to personally work on. It’s no secret that when you surround yourself with certain people, you’re going to take on the energy of those people. Those people are going to influence your life.

I think it was Jim Rohn who famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Let me say that again, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And I want to tell you a little secret of mine.  I in the past have definitely fallen into the trap of being too judgmental around who I spend time with. And I have at times forgotten that the fastest way to elevate yourself is to elevate another, and that is what being of service is all about.

So absolutely, the people that you spend the most time with will have a big influence on your life. I totally agree. And I’m very fortunate to have amazing people in my life who inspire the heck out of me. So my three closest friends, my three bromances, I would have to say would be James Colquhoun from Food Matters, the amazing company Food Matters; Mike Sherbakov from The Greatness Foundation, and Terrence Bell who’s just a beautiful man, angel investor and just very successful. And I’m clearly very, very fortunate to call these three my besties.

But, what I have done in the past is I have neglected people who I’ve seen as being somewhat below me, and if you’re listening on the podcast, I’m doing air commas around “below me”. And this comes from I think a lack of humility which is definitely a constraint of mine for sure, and I thought that you always have to surround yourself with people who are doing massive things in the world.

And, if someone wasn’t making tidal waves around the world, I would often judge them. And this is a habit I wanted to change this year. So, I realized, how is human consciousness going to grow and evolve if we don’t also look to those who we can elevate, who we can personally elevate?

You know, it can’t be all about us all the time — our growth, our growth, our growth. I’m so guilty of this hence why I’m doing this episode because we teach what we most need to learn. So, I guarantee you right now in your life there is someone that needs your support. I promise you.

And of course, I’m not saying to go and spend time with someone who is totally misaligned with your core values. But if you pay attention, there will be someone now or soon that you can support and elevate, right now. And it’s always very easy for us to look outside ourselves to someone who knows more than we do and I do absolutely believe in seeking mentors in the main areas of our life.

And some of our mentors would be — in terms of spirituality would be Bhava Ram, and Bhava wrote the beautiful book, Warrior Pose, Memoir of a War Correspondent, and How Yoga (Literally) Saved My Life. Warrior Pose is a stunning book. I’ve spoken about it before, I highly recommend that you check it out. And also I often turn to my dear brother, Jonni Pollard, soul brother not real brother, who is the founder of One Giant Mind. And between these two men, I have pretty much all the spiritual support that I need.

When it comes to health, I turn to Dr. Stephen Cabral, who I absolutely adore and was on Melissa’s podcast recently, did an absolutely incredible episode, which you should definitely check out.

And when it comes to wealth, I definitely do share ideas with my mates and we draw upon inspiration from each other and ideas. But I think when it comes to wealth, I’m kind of my own best mentor there because I’ve got to definitely make a lot of mistakes, if you can call them mistakes. But for me, they were just growth points because I failed so many times and I’ve lost money in order to make money. I look at that as an investment in my own wealth creation education. So, yes, when it comes to wealth I think we all have to learn big lessons there ourselves for sure.

And in terms of love, I turn to my beautiful wife, my family, and my son, and of course I turn to myself because it will starts here. If we want more we must first be more. So one of my goals for this year is to give more time to those who I can personally elevate.

And there’s one little rule here though, and the rule is that there must be worthy inquiry. What do I mean by that? You can only teach what someone is ready to learn or what they’re ready to hear, and you can never really change anyone, you can only change yourself. So when that worthy inquiry comes in, I want you to see that as an opportunity to give back.

And this doesn’t mean you can go out and bash people with your own beliefs, that’s not cool and I’ve done it and it’s pretty boring. And it doesn’t mean that you want to go and try and prove to people that you’re right with your beliefs and your ways because there is no such thing as right or wrong. That in itself is a judgment. So, elevating someone else is in my opinion one of the fastest ways to elevating yourself.

So, who can you become a mentor to today? Have a think about it. Who can you mentor today? I want you to start thinking of yourself as a mentor and we’re all mentors, because we’re all at different stages of our life which means there is always someone that is just that touch behind us where we can elevate them. Does that make sense? And they can definitely benefit from the experience that you’ve gone through in your life.

So thinking of yourself as a mentor is a very, very powerful tool, I believe, as a way to shift your own mindset. It’s very empowering. It’s not something I’ve heard people talk about, but I do believe that we are always looking to elevate ourselves, we are always looking and placing power a lot of the time outside of ourselves. But if we do realise that we have an important role to play for other people as mentors, no matter where you’re at in life, then I do believe this is a huge part of our spiritual and personal development.

So, I would love for you guys to give that a go. First of all, it’s a mindset shift and then secondly it’s the awareness that will allow you to see the opportunities that arise for you to play that mentor role. So I hope you enjoyed that. You can get all of the show notes at, and you can also get a full transcript of the show.

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