How To Thrive When Flying

This episode is very fitting because I am currently flying around Australia doing back to back shows. Now, I love what I do, but one thing I don't love is the toll that flying can take on your body. So how do we thrive when flying? These following tips might sound like a lot, but they do become second nature after a while. Simply modify these depending on the length of your flight. This is a complete list of what I personally do when travelling long-haul.
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My Top Tips To Thrive When Flying
  • Try to fly at night to limit your exposure to radiation from the sun
  • Take your own food and do not eat any plane food! Zero. Zilch. Nada
  • Stay very well hydrated
  • Protect your throat by wearing a scarf
  • Oil your body to stop it from drying out and getting Vata aggravated
  • Use noise cancelling headphones
  • Use a face mask with drops drops of doTERRA OnGuard. If it’s good enough for the plague, it’s good enough for the plane
  • If you need to sleep, try a quality face mask, not the toxic plastic freebies they give you on the plane
  • No alcohol… ever
  • Meditate 
  • Move your body by doing some yoga or bodyweight exercises
  • Take this opportunity to rest your body

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It is a beautiful, beautiful song. And TEEMID actually has just done another remix for me for my latest single, Open Wide, which will be coming out soon. Which I cannot wait to share with you. It’s a real thumper. But if you want to listen to the full song go to, or you can catch it on Spotify.

Today is a very special day for me because it is the start of my Australian tour, my Open Wide tour with my beautiful wife. I’ll be performing in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. And tonight we’re starting off in Brisbane to a sold out venue which is amazing, so if you’re coming, I can’t wait to see you there.

And today’s episode is very fitting because I’m doing back to back shows around the country, which means a lot of flying. And flying can really really take a toll on your body if you don’t know how to protect yourself. So I’m going to mention a lot of cool tricks in this, but I want you to just listen and then at the end you can go to the show notes, which is And that will give you all of these bullet points so you don’t have to write them all down right now.

So this might sound like a lot of things, but with time it does become second nature. You just get used to packing your bag in a way which is most protective for you to help you thrive when flying.

So this is kind of an exhaustive list, you don’t have to do all of this, and it really depends on the length of your flight. So this is just everything that I would normally do for a long haul. So from Australia to Europe for example which takes a good 24 to 30 hours to get there, you need to do, well I need to do all of these things.

And so the first thing I want to talk to you about is radiation. Now, radiation is not something which you hear a lot about when it comes to air travel. But just think about this, you’re inside a giant metal object, flying way closer to the sun. As we know, the sun is very healthy for you at the right levels. But, too much sun is too much radiation.

Now in Australia we have a huge problem with the hole in the ozone layer. Which means we get way more radiation here, which is really not cool. So when you’re flying, if you’re flying during the day time and the sun is up and you’re that much closer, thirty thousand feet closer to the sun, flying in a great big metal tube, guess what? This is a radiation nightmare.

So if you can book your shorter flights, when the sun is down, it’s just a lot better for your body. So, if you do have to fly long haul or during the day, there’s one particular device I’m going to mention to you which is pretty incredible, and it’s very expensive.

But for me with the amount that I travel, and for Melissa, this has become just one of our essentials. And that is called a Myhealth, M-Y, Health, one word. And it’s made by a company called Neshealth, N-E-S, Health. It’s an extraordinary company. It’s all based on quantum physics.

And this device is kind of like your home wellness device, it does everything. So I was sleeping with it last night, I will have it on me today on a setting for male hormones, which balances my hormones and make sure that I’m really strong for the show tonight. And they have a protection setting on there called air travel, and it literally within like a 1 to 2 meter radius, protects you from the radiation on the plane. And it does this at a quantum physics and cellular level. It is extraordinary.

Now, in Australia these devices go for about $5,000, about $3,500 U.S. So yes, they are very very expensive, but for me it’s just become a non-negotiable. And I use it for all sorts of things. It’s an extraordinary device. So that’s my first tip.

The next is pretty obvious, but I’m going to say it, don’t eat plane food. I don’t care how good it looks, I don’t care if you’re in business class or first class, do not eat plane food. It is not good. Now, what do you do instead? You have to take your own food. So what would you take? It really depends on your own constitution and what makes you feel good.

But some of the great things I would suggest is a really good grains powder. So something which you can just keep throwing in water and drinking, and it’s going to alkalize your body because flying is very acidic. And it will give you minerals which is really important because it definitely drains you of minerals. And if you can, there’s some really great products, I will link to some of these in the show notes.

Some great products which do have an element of, you know, a small amount of maybe vegan protein in there, which is more alkaline than an animal based protein. That can be very supportive when you’re flying. And for me personally I prefer to just stick to fluids when I’m flying.

So no plane food, absolutely zero, do not touch it. If you do need to take food, try a green drink. Maybe avocado, some macadamia nuts which aren’t too hard to digest. But I would probably stay clear of too many nuts. It becomes everybody’s go to when they’re flying, is nuts, but it’s not particularly easy to digest, so keep it really light. Or just fast. If fasting works for you, then use this as an opportunity to fast.

The next one sort of ties into this and it’s hydration. So instead of food, I’m drinking a lot. But I’m still getting my nutrients and my minerals through the drink. But with hydration I don’t like to ever really just drink straight water.

I think straight water, especially for my constitution, which is vata pitta, it needs a lot of minerals because I burn through my minerals, everyday. So if I drink water it just leaches minerals from my body, which is not good. Whereas if you’re a kapha constitution, plain water can be great. So it really does depend on your constitution.

But there is a new drink coming out which I want to talk to you about, which I’m very excited. This is actually created by my bestie, James Colquhoun. And James, you might know, is the founder of Food Matters, an amazing company. And he’s partnered with one of his friends, the superstar Novak Djokovic, to create a company called SILA, S-I-L-A. And you can go to

And this launch is very very soon which is super exciting, and this is seriously the best hydration drink I’ve ever seen. And it’s made form complete organic whole foods, nothing else. It’s awesome. So when that comes out, I would definitely have a few [inaudible 08:31] of this for every flight and I would drink that. I think it’s absolutely extraordinary.

The next one, which sounds like I’ve probably should of done more of, because my throat feels a bit scratchy, is to protect your throat. Really important. Your throat is a weak spot when you’re travelling so the easiest way to do this is number #1, just stay warm, but number #2 is use a scarf. Super simple.

The next one is your nasal passage. Now, if you follow any sort of ayurvedic practice, you’ll know that Neti pots are a huge part of Ayurveda. And that is basically rinsing your sinuses out with salt water. And I like to do my own little version of this when I’m travelling. And that is I carry an ionized salt water spray, just plain salt water. You can get it at most chemists at the airport.

And you basically neti once every hour, I just spray that, a few sprays up my nose, and that’s going to keep my nasal passage moisturized to stop it drying out, and cracking, and being able to attract any bugs that can take hold in those aggravated areas. And it also kind of washes out any bugs that you’ve been breathing in from someone else. So that to me is a non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter how long the flight is, I’ll always have that on me. Really really awesome.

The next one again comes back to an ayurvedic practice which is oiling your body. So there is an ayurvedic self massage practice called abhyanga. It’s very very simple, you can get right into it if you want. But in a nutshell, you basically are going to oil your body with some sort of oil, massage your body.

Now for me, that is sesame oil and if I’m doing it before a flight, I will do it before my shower. Then I will shower, and then I will just gently towel off, so I’ve got a very light covering of oil on my skin. And this is going to stop your body from drying out and getting super vata aggravated.

I think this is great for everybody. Sesame oil is good for me, but if you’re more kapha, you might want to use something like coconut oil. You’ve just got to do your research into your body type and determine what oil is best for you.

The next one is a non-negotiable as well, which is Bose noise cancelling headphones. There’s lots of brands out there, I just love the Bose noise cancelling headphones. They’re quite expensive, maybe $400, but this is the sort of thing that once you have it, you never look back. It becomes a staple in all air travel.

And you get to listen to music, and watch the movies with good sound quality, which is a bonus. But generally I have them unplugged, and I have them turned on, and it just gives me that sense of quiet. And when I sleep, I put ear plugs in instead so I can roll onto my side and sleep comfortably.

The next one is using a face mask. So you would see a lot of Asians using face masks on planes and they’re onto something here. It is a good idea to filter the air that you’re breathing because we are breathing pretty toxic stuff when you’re on the plane. So what I like to do, there is one particular face mask which is orange. And you look like a duck, you look absolutely ridiculous.

And if you follow Melissa or I on social media, you would of seen her filming me taking silly photos and making fun of me. But you know what? I don’t care because I want to filter that air. And my little power tip, this is the best, I put one or two drops of On Guard essential oil by doTERRA.

And you would have heard me talk about this on the episode about my morning routine secret weapon. Oh no, I’m sorry, it was a different one, it was called, let me find it for you, yes episode number 11,, One Good Gut Health, it starts in the mouth. And I spoke about using doTERRA essential oil as a mouth gargle. And you can do the same when you’re flying. You put a few drops on your mask and it’s awesome.

Now, here’s a cool story. There was a very similar essential oil blend that was used by robbers back in the times of the plague, the great plague. And it’s a cool story. Basically these robbers were going around and stealing from the deceased, but they weren’t getting the plague.

And when they were caught, they were taken to court martial, and basically were allowed to be let off if they shared their secret for how they weren’t getting sick. And it came down to a particular essential oil blend. And different companies do their own version of this, but doTERRA have done one and it’s called On Guard. And if it’s good enough for the plague, then it is good enough for the plane. That’s for sure.

Next one is an eye mask if you are going to have a sleep. Take a beautiful eye mask, Melissa and I use the Sleep Master, so good! It’s like a pillow for your eyes. It’s just the best.

The next one is a no brainer. That is no alcohol whatsoever. Seriously, no alcohol. And of course, an obvious one, meditate more than usual. If you meditate twice a day, do it three or four times depending on how long the flight is. But I always meditate on every flight.

Even when I just basically sit straight down, the first thing I’ll do is meditate because usually I’ll end up taking off while I’m meditating and my nervous system is in a much more parasympathetic state so that when I’m taking off, I don’t get that little adrenaline cortisol rush from just flying, which I tend to get.

The next one for long haul flights is moving your body. So I like to get up and do yoga. And yes, I look like a nincompoop, but who cares. And do some body weight exercises, you can do triceps pushups against the wall, you can do pushups, you can do squats, lunges, all sorts of stuff. You can do a lot of body weight exercises in that sort of partitioned area where the hostesses are hanging out and prepare food. You can do heaps.

And the next one, the last one, would be to take that opportunity to rest your body. So yes, we can sit there, we can punch our work, which I tend to do on short haul flights, but when I get onto long haul, I tend to just rest. I get like 24 hours of doing nothing. It’s so beautiful. I watch films, I watch movies that I would never normally watch. It’s just a great chill out time.

So there you have it, they are my top tips for thriving when you’re flying. And it makes a huge huge difference. I’ve got to tell you, it’s astronomical. And I don’t get sick when I fly. I can’t remember the last time I got sick when I fly. Even on long haul. And we do a lot of flying between Sydney and Noosa, which is about an hour and a half, every couple of weeks. So we are always on planes and this works. It’s an absolute treat.

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So as always, have a beautiful day. I’m so honored to be here, having this opportunity to talk to you and I love you heaps! Mwah!

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      Can you please give me some more info about the plane food and what you eat during a long flight? It’s hard to have fresh veggies and fruits during long flight…how do you manage/ any tips?



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