The Trump Technique

Trump. He is the source of endless debate, 24/7 news stories and plenty of anger. But what if ‘The Donald’ is actually exactly what the world needs right now? What if, within the worlds most divisive man there is in fact an opportunity for you, for all of us, to see all the things within us that until now have lay dormant, waiting for a shiny mirror like Donald Trump to finally help us see?
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On the weekend I was randomly listening to parts of episode 85, Radical Honesty Series – Your Questions Answered Part 2, when I came across my little sermon on The Donald. And it occurred to me that I didn’t want that content to get lost amongst one of my longest episodes, and that it really needed its own time to shine as a stand-alone episode.

This was inspired by a listener question who was finding it hard to be around her family because they supported Trump. So let’s play that Q&A for you again before I give you some more thoughts…

What we have here is a classic case of projection. When we get angry, irritated or triggered by the behaviour of someone else, it’s because that particular trait or characteristic is being reflected back at you. The people who trigger us, are our greatest opportunities for growth. The universe has divinely orchestrated a whole sequence of events, moved people’s lives around, just so you may see what you need to see but refuse to see. That is what I am speaking about when I refer to someone being a ‘shiny mirror’.

I want you to think about one person in your life right now who is causing you some pain, anger, irritation or frustration. Get a clear picture of that person in our mind, and go straight to the one thing they do most often that triggers you the most. Perhaps someone tells white lies or is manipulative. Perhaps they are aggressive or rude.

Now, go back in your life to a time when you displayed that same trait. It’s there, somewhere. It may be very different or perhaps far less severe than the way it is being exhibited by this particular trigger person, but it is there. When you find it, now picture that person again. Can you see you are the same? Yes, we all show up differently, but we all have the same battles.

What if ‘The Donald’ is actually exactly what the world needs right now? @realDonaldTrump
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For me when I do this I feel an immediate sense of relief. Like I can breathe again because the emotional charge dissipates once I can see that I too have at some time in my life behaved that way. You may even be behaving that way to that person right now and not even know it until you stop and look.

Let’s call this ‘The Trump Technique’. I am going to have to trademark that! Next time you feel a charge towards someone, first think of Trump because he will very quickly bring you out of your state and remind you of the mirror. Then go through this simple but effective process.

When you have used this and it has dissolved an emotional charge for you, share it with me on social media by tagging me @iamnickbroadhurst and use the hashtag #thetrumptechnique.

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