Radical Honesty Series – The Experiment

How would the world look if everybody was radically honest with each other? Imagine how this would impact our relationships, our politics, our careers, our environment… everything. In this Part 1 episode I am going to explore this question and then ask for your help to turn this into an experiment. In my next Radical Honesty episode Part 2 I will be answering your questions with my own radical honesty.
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Have you ever wondered how the world would look if we were all radically honest all the time? I wonder, is this even possible? I don’t know. But I want to explore it. I want to explore that possibility in this podcast episode. For me, The Nick Broadhurst Show is where I feel very comfortable. And, funny enough, as you know, I’m extremely honest, and very transparent, very vulnerable. I enjoy being in that space a lot. It feels really good to me.

So I just wonder, how would it be if everybody was in that state all the time? I can’t claim that I’m always like that – I’m certainly very much like that in The Nick Broadhurst Show. I want to explore that in this podcast, and this is “Radical Honesty Part 1.”

But I have experienced where radical honesty can go pretty wrong at times. It has gone wrong for me. I’ll give you an example: For many years, I was producing a feature film, which will be coming out next year. During the production, it was a very, very intense period. I was delivering radical honesty, but the way I was delivering it, it was cutting like a knife. It was not very pleasant. I was almost too honest at times, and forgot that certain people receive things in different ways. Sometimes you need to soften your honesty.

But also, for me, during that period, my honesty was coming from a state of imbalance. I was emotionally charged when I was delivering the honesty. Whenever you feel emotionally charged, it simply means you are failing to see the other side, because everything is in perfect balance all the time. So when you do see the other side, it neutralizes that charge. I’m going to do a podcast on this, because that revelation, for me, has been really, really huge. It has really helped me in so many ways.

So the key is to stay neutral when you’re being honest. I have a caveat here: Before delivering honesty, it’s important to really take time before responding. Take time to tune in to yourself first. Tune in deeply to your intuition. Make sure, first of all, that it is in fact your truth, and that you’re not projecting your stuff, your beliefs, your imbalance, onto someone else. What you’re about to deliver could be very challenging for someone, so make sure you’re in the right place when you do it, and it’s coming from love.

But why am I doing a whole episode – in fact, two episodes – on radical honesty? Why would we even implement radical honesty into our lives? It’s my experience that honesty can release so much from our bodies. You know that feeling when you have finally said something, you’ve expressed something, that you wanted to say? This is called “getting something off your chest.” Why is it called that? Because it removes a burden. It removes a weight. Something that you’ve been carrying has been expressed. And if you don’t, it can feel very heavy.

But what else can radical honesty do? This is certainly my personal experience, but it can release anger. It can release stress. It can deepen your relationships. It can create more love, more connection. It can foster forgiveness. I think my best example so far, in The Nick Broadhurst Show, of radical honesty would be episode #26, which is called “My Depression Confession.”

And I spoke very candidly about my challenges in 2017. I spoke about the type of person I was, how I wasn’t there for my wife, I wasn’t there for my son, in the way that they deserved, or even for myself, to be honest. But, thank God, I came through that period of my life. It was really freakin’ tough. But the strange thing is, now, I can’t even really connect with that feeling when I reflect back. It feels like some strange dream.

So if this is Radical Honesty Part 1, then was is Radical Honesty Part 2? Today is a Monday, at the time of recording. For the next four days, I’m inviting you to private-message me any question you like. Anything. I’ll choose a really good mix of questions, which can be answered in a decent timeframe, and I’ll do that on Friday in Radical Honesty Part 2.

This is my very vulnerable experiment with radical honesty. But I want you to be involved. You can ask me anything you like. It doesn’t matter how personal. Ask it, and I’ll obviously see where my boundaries lay, but I’ll choose questions that I feel comfortable answering, and I’ll do that with radical honesty. But, as you know me, I will answer just about anything. So please feel free to ask me anything.

But why would I do this? Because if you want more of something, you have to be more of that thing. That’s what Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” In this case, I would like to operate in a world where there is more transparency. Now I say that knowing that everything is perfect. I am, we are, all of us, exactly where we need to be right now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all play our own part in increasing the amount of honesty, connection, and love in the world.

For me, I believe my music and this podcast is my contribution to that cause. In episode 27, “Creating Success on Your Terms,” I wrote the following success statement – and this is really fun, doing this – if you haven’t listened to that episode, check it out, because it’s really cool, creating your own success statement – but mine is as follows:

Success, to me, is having the freedom in all areas of my life to constantly create music and content which reconnects people with their heart, so they may live a life of purpose and abundance while staying balanced, having fun, and living from the heart myself.

Today, you can start with one simple act in creating the world you want to see. And that is honesty, but delivered from your truth, delivered with love. As I said before, you have four days to private-message me any question you like. I will do my best to answer as many as I can on Friday in episode #64, Radical Honesty Part 2. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m slightly apprehensive about it, but as I said, we have to be the change we want to see. And so I’m going to lead that charge by being radically honest with myself and with you, my beloved listener.

For all the show notes today, you can head into iamnickbroadhurst.com/60, where you can get a full transcript of the show, and you can also leave a comment there as well, and leave a question in that post if that’s easier for you, if you’re not on Instagram. Don’t forget: Hit the subscribe button, because I don’t want you to miss episode #64, “Radical Honesty Part 2.” Maybe this week, sit with how you feel about this podcast.

By the time you’ve heard episode #64, I would love for you to leave me a review and tell me what you loved, or didn’t love, about that particular series of radical honesty. I’m all ears. I’m open to feedback. This is an experiment: It could be amazing, it could be terrible. We’ll soon see. And when that one goes live, please definitely share that with your friends on social media, and use my handle @IAmNickBroadhurst.

As always, remember today to look up. See the beauty around you. See the beauty within you. Be gentle with yourself today. Be gentle with others when experimenting with radical honesty. Always deliver with love. Be love to yourself. Be love to others. Listen to your intuition. And have a beautiful day. I love you heaps. Ciao.

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