Thank You (My Latest Single Out Now)

Any day where I get to release new music into the world is a great day for me. This is why I am here. But few songs mean more to me than this one; 'Thank You'. I wrote this in an intense state of gratitude for my ex-girlfriend. And I believe that maybe, just maybe, this could be a catalyst for people all over the world to heal something they didn't even know needed to be held. Can you say "Thank You" to your ex-lover?
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Welcome back to The Nick Broadhurst Show, and today is a very special day. In fact, there are few days I love more than the days when I release a new single. Now, this one is very, very special to me. In fact, of course, all my songs are special to me, but this one it’s such a huge part of my story, and not those stories we tell ourselves over and over again that hold us back, but this is a good story, and I’ve been waiting two years to find the right time to release this song. And this song is called ‘Thank you’.

Now, after our recent Open Wide Tour, the most common request I had after the show was when am I going to be releasing ‘Thank You’, and today is finally the day. Now, this one has bit of a story and there’s a lot more coming in the future around this song. In fact, there’s a whole global campaign which I’ll tell you about in just a minute. But this song was written in an intense state of gratitude for my ex-girlfriend.

Now, this particular amazing woman came into my life at a very, very challenging time, just after my first divorce. And in many ways, she saved me. She brought a lot of love into my life and into Leo’s life, and I am incredibly grateful to her. And this song, I wrote this after we broke up. It really is the journey of a break up.

When you listen to this song, you can hear the different emotions, the different feelings that  you go through, the different tempo of life, because the song changes tempo quite a lot actually, which is quite strange for any sort of semi-pop, semi-commercial song. But I really wanted to express, forever really, my gratitude to this woman.

And then it became so much more because the mere act of writing this song did so much for me. It really solidified how I felt about this woman and the contribution she’d made to my life. And it made me wonder what could this do for other couples, ex couples, around the world. What if ex-lovers came together and just said two very simple words: thank you.

And so that is what this song is about. And the global campaign I mentioned before is actually going to take the form of a music video, which will be out in about four weeks, and this music video will be shot all around the world. And I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m getting goose-bumps thinking about it because I believe that what we have right here at our fingertips, that what we have right here at our fingertips, is alchemy. Because art and music and can perform miracles, it can get us into our heart space and that is my mission.

And I hope, I really hope, that with this song, it takes you straight to your heart space. And if you feel, after listening to this, that you do want to say thank you to someone who had been in your life previously, and is not in your life anymore, then I encourage you to do that.

And we’re going to be using the #thankyouex, that’s thank you e-x. And that will make a lot more sense when you see the music video. But for now, enough of that, I just want to let you dive into my latest single ‘Thank You’.

So, what did you think? I really hope that you enjoyed that, I hope it made you feel what I felt when I wrote this song. And there are a few songs that I have written that when I sit down at my keyboard in my room, in my studio, that when I start to play it, it transports me to another place straight away, and I really hope that you had that same feeling.

So, please, today I ask you a big favor, and that is to share this song with as many people as possible, because music spreads on the backs of the listeners. I would be nowhere; my music would be nowhere, if people like you didn’t spread it. So please, take this today, share it with the world, it’s available on every single platform wherever you listen to music.

I am so excited for this song to finally be launched into the world. I don’t see this as my song, I see this as a song for the world, because I do believe art is a gift, it’s not a gift that any artist owns. It’s a gift that is bestowed upon you to be able to spread love and light throughout the world.

And remember today to look up, see the beauty around you, see the beauty within you. Be grateful for all those moments you’ve shared with ex-lovers, and perhaps, maybe today is the day to express that gratitude. Perhaps that gratitude will heal something that you didn’t even know needed to be healed.

And as always, listen to your intuition today, do what is right for you; don’t do this because I’m saying it, do it because it feels true to you. And, as always, have a beautiful day, I love you heaps. Mwah, ciao! 

And remember, use the hashtag ThankYouEx on social media to express gratitude to your ex-lover.

I would love to hear from you, so please tag me @IAmNickBroadhurst on social media, and use the hashtag #TheNickBroadhurstShow, or leave me a comment below (I read every single one!). And if you could take a minute to leave me a review (5 stars would be epic, but whatever feels true for you) on iTunes I would be very grateful. Tell me what you want more of! I am at your service.

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