Shallow Series – The Disempowerment of DM’s

There’s no doubt that social media is a very powerful tool. I love the way I can connect with people from all over the world, but there is one side to social media that I believe can be tweaked in a way that will turn disempowerment into growth (Hint - I just turned off my DM’s).
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This is another episode in my Shallow Series. If you are not familiar with my definition of shallow vs deep, please go back and listen to Episode 69, Are You Deep Or Shallow?

I wanted to jump in here today to talk about a change I have made in the way I use social media. This was something I have done as much for me as I have done it for you. Ever since launching this show I have seen a huge spike in Direct Messages, or DM’s as they are known. At times it can be over 100 DM’s with a mix of people sending something as sweet and simple as a love heart or prayer hands, to a 100 word essay on their health or relationships.

I see this is a sign of trust for which I am super grateful. Seriously, it means the world to me that you have taken the time to share something intimate or send me some good vibes. I think in some way it gave me some external validation when I first started this show that I was on the right track. But what I have found since then is that while I love these messages, it has been taking me away from my Deep Work.

The beautiful thing about this incredible age we live in right now is that you have everything at your fingertips. Just yesterday I had finished reading The Hot Belly Diet by Dr Suhas Kshirsagar, an Ayurvedic physician I had worked with about 5 years ago, and I was thinking.. What’s the next book for me? I love this period of wondering what the universe is about to gift me to learn, or remember, next. And within about an hour I received a message from one of our My Wellness Essentials team members just randomly suggesting the behemoth of a book called Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens. And within 30 sec, it was purchased and downloaded onto my KIndle.

Seriously, how cool is that?

What has this to do with DM’s? As I always say, this show is not about telling you to do anything, or me teaching you anything at all. It is imply me sharing my experiences so that they may be a spark or catalyst for your own growth. Nothing I say is original, it just has my own unique flavour which has beens seasoned by all the support and challenge I have received, in perfect balance, throughout my life. It is you that already know everything. This show just supports you to remember. And in the case of DM’s via Instagram specifically, by you reaching out to me it can create a block for you to go out and find the information for yourself that helps you remember your Self with a Capital S. Your truth. Your essence. That’s where the disempowerment of DM’s comes from… it disempowers you to discover what is true for you, and it disempowers me from doing my Deep Work.

I have to thank my new friend Sahara Rose for this tip. I found myself swimming in the shallows of DM’s when I heard her podcast episode on a similar topic. She was my spark for me to remember who I was. And who I am is an artist. I create many things, from this show, to my music, to movies, to books, to platforms which support the creation of abundance for other people. That’s my Deep work.

You can still message me via Instagram and leave a comment on any of my posts, but I have turned off the ability to reply to stories. I don’t use Facebook Messenger, only use WhatsApp for my Crypto investing, and even email is in the process of being taken off my hands 100%. Can you imagine that? A life without email? Email for me is the definition of Shallow, which is why I am pouring so much attention into creating a team and system to manage this and many more things for me. When I have mastered this, I can’t wait to share it with you, but for now you can check out Episode 57 on how to get to Inbox Zero. There are some epic tools in there for you.

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