Why This Is (Was) My Last Episode (Plus How It Could Change Your Life)

For the Nick Broadhurst Show it’s been 12 months, 108 episodes and hundreds of thousands of listeners from around the world and a bucket load of radical honesty. But, as 2019 came around I realised it was time for me to let go of my beloved show. In this episode I share with you why I have decided that this will be my last episode, and how my decision could change your life too.
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Just a few weeks back I recorded my previous episode, The 40 Most Important Things I Have Learned In My First 40 Years, and then took a few weeks off to complete building our dream home. Never at that time did I imagine that my first episode for 2019 would become my last. But that’s the beautiful thing about space. Perspective. As you listen to this please, through my story, find the hidden meaning for you. I know what you are about to hear can change everything, if, you are ready to implement.

Back to the story…

During hours of painting, hauling rubbish and watching every move the tradesmen and builder made with my overzealous perfectionist eye, I was able to just sit with all the inspirations bubbling up for me. In my usual Pitta driven way, I could have launched into multiple new business ideas, creative projects like TV shows and film, social media strategies, live events, and so many book ideas… honestly, my brain never stops thinking of things that could be launched. It’s crazy. But amongst all this came this incredible burning desire to become laser-focused on one thing… music.

On a recent drive from the local go-kart track and then to the beach for a sunset surf session with my major bromance James Colquhoun and our little boys, he mentioned a word that we both agreed was common amongst many of the greats. Prolific.

Look at any of your favorite artists or creators… do you ever wonder how they get it all done? I mean take Queen for example. If you haven’t seen the beautiful film Bohemian Rhapsody, do yourself a favor and check it out. What I loved about Freddy Mercury was how we was just so unapologetically himself. In their relatively short time together they did 15 studio albums. 15! That’s prolific.

And then it struck me… if I can reach my potential as a singer, songwriter, er, and producer… how prolific can I be? My first album I feel was done at about 25% of my capacity. I don’t say that to undervalue what I have created, I just know that I can do and be so much more. Now, I’m not saying I need a movie made about me, even though that would be pretty cool, but surely as an artist, I should be doing everything I can create such great art that one day that film does get made.

The Nick Broadhurst Show came to me in one of those beautiful moments. It was 3:41 am on January 1st, 2018, and I knew I just had to share my voice, but this time in a different way… through my story, not as much through my music. I was climbing out of a tough place and intuitively felt that if I were to document my journey then perhaps it would help just one person do the same. I can very grateful say that in this case, it was mission accomplished. The messages I have received over the past 12 months have been incredible. From health improvements to marriages saved and even people not ending their life. This is the power of vulnerability. When you share yourself it makes people lean in.

Now I see this show as a moment in time which will stay available to anyone who wants or needs it, perhaps beyond my own life in this body. No advertisements, nothing to sell, just my own little piece of service to humanity.

I also feel like a part of me wanted to dabble in the personal development space. But I feel like I have done that now. I have shared what I wanted to share on topics as diverse as productivity, getting your inbox zero, sex, relationships, longevity, creativity, Ayurveda, fitness, routines, mastering your Queen’s moon cycle, radical honesty, flying tips, water filters, depression, success, wealth creation, wealth management, cervical orgasms, conscious ejaculation and of course, spirituality.

Just because something is successful, it doesn’t mean you need to continue with it.

You don’t have to explain to anyone if you decide to pivot and take a new direction that keeps you in alignment with your spirit.
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And you know what, you don’t need any more episodes from me. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s nice to just stop being a learning machine and just become a being machine! Rather than getting new episodes, go back, re-listen, and implement some things from previous episodes that you didn’t get around to implementing.

I also realised that there are many amazing people out there who are so amazing at personal and spiritual development. Just listen to my beautiful wife’s show, The Melissa Ambrosini Show, and it’s all there and she is so good, as are her world-class guests.

But there is one thing no one else can do… my music. Only I can do that, and if I don’t become prolific at that, well, to me that’s a moment waited, a life wasted.

Rather than me writing books on the many topics I love, I know I have to be the person and create the art that people want to write about. That’s of course not my motivation, but it’s something to keep close at heart and top of mind. If anything gets in the way of me being all that I can be and giving all that I can give, then I need to really question that.

So, my beautiful friend, it’s time we say farewell. And while I never say never, for now, this is goodbye for The Nick Broadhurst Show. I am so grateful that you have been here with me on a journey of you and I rediscovering our greatness together. It’s always there in each and every one of us. No one else is ever going to unlock it, only you can do that.

So what is your special gift? What’s that one thing that you could do every day for free for the rest of your life?

If not now, then when?

And finally, to finish the last episode, let’s go out to the first song I played in episode 0. You can stay in touch with me on my social media @iamnickbroadhurst, and of course, on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube or wherever you listen to music.

Remember today to look up, see the beauty around you, see the beauty within you, be gentle with yourself, be love, listen to your intuition, and as always, have a beautiful day … I freaking love you heaps! Ciao!

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    • So happy for you and your confidence to follow your passions and dreams. Thank you for all the wisdom you have shared – it has truely been such a valuable resource in my life. Thank you for allowing us to still access this shared knowledge and information into the future, I know I will continue to re-read and listen to all the knowledge you have shared with us. You are a very special and inspiring human xx

      January 21, 2019
      • Thank you so much for saying this. Very grateful. xxx

        Nick Broadhurst
        February 16, 2019
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