How Amazing Are Women?

In the ancient Hindu philosophy, they speak of the masculine and feminine forces of Shiva and Shakti.  The male or masculine energy which is Shiva is said to be the energy of consciousness, and the female energy of Shakti is the force of energy. Shakti, the feminine, is considered divine, she is an agent of change. It’s time to honour some amazing women in my life who I just love to bits and who are creating waves in the world!
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Welcome back to The Nick Broadhurst Show. I’m your host, Broadhurst, and you can check out all of my work, including my music, my music videos, my podcast episodes, and everything I do, at And wherever you listen to the music, please search for the word “Broadhurst,” whether it’s Spotify or iTunes or Google, wherever you listen to music, you can find all of my tunes by searching for my name.

And that song you were listening to is a song called Status Quo. I wrote that at a time where I was really trying to change my own status quo, to live more of a life on purpose, a more truthful existence.

Today’s episode, I think, is very much about breaking the status quo. This is a big one today. I think I say that every single day. But today we’re going to be talking about the feminine, women, and the title of today’s episode is “How Amazing Are Women?”

In the ancient Hindu philosophy, they speak of the masculine and feminine forces of Shiva and Shakti. The male, or masculine energy, which is Shiva, is said to be the energy of consciousness. The female energy of Shakti is the force of energy. Shakti, the feminine, is or has been considered divine. The feminine is an agent of change. I want to speak about that today, because I’ve been surrounded by this, this past week.

We’re now seeing the rise of the feminine. I’m sure you’ve heard of Feminine Rising. In the past, materialism has dominated spirituality. So if interest has overpowered community, Mother Nature has been disrespected. Our intuition has been silenced. Wars have been waged. But I want you to know, it’s very easy to take a negative view on where we’re at right now, with the Earth, with the human race. But I want you to know, it’s all perfect. Everything is always perfect. Everything has played out exactly as we needed, in order for us as a species to learn the lessons that we have forgotten. This is what the collective consciousness needs to remember.

But it’s impossible to deny the shift that has been taking place for some time now. There is an overall rise of human consciousness taking place, for sure. But when the light becomes lighter, the dark becomes darker. And darkness will do everything it can to hold on to its dominance. That’s why we’ve seen war, we’ve seen famine, we’ve seen terrorism, we’ve seen Mother Nature being disrespected.

Today, I want to talk about women, about the feminine. And this has been sparked by me being surrounded this past week by thousands of mainly women, some men, of course, but mainly women. It started, for me, last week, at the Australia New Zealand doTERRA Convention. Now there were literally four-and-a-half thousand people in a stadium, maybe 90 percent women, completely frothing on essential oils, like a rock concert. When they mention a new oil is being released – in this case, it was lemon myrtle, which was coming out in Australia – the crowd literally screams.

Now that is the feminine rising. We would never have seen that 50 years ago, four-and-a-half thousand people gathered together to celebrate essential oils. In fact, the American convention, which we’re heading to in September, I think has about 30 thousand people. This is the power of the feminine. Companies like doTERRA are bringing Mother Nature into our homes. They’re empowering us to take care of Mother Nature and ourselves.

Yesterday, I went to see my soul sister, Peta Kelly, speak at her book tour for Earth Is Hiring, which is her first book. Now I’m used to being surrounded by women, since Melissa has such a large female following around the world. But what struck me yesterday is the way that women are really starting to own their masculine. We all have masculine and feminine, but for so long, the dominant characteristic of men has been to suppress that softer, more intuitive, and more heart-based side of themselves. Equally for women, their own masculine was pushed deep down by the dominance of men.

But I see a beautiful rebalancing taking place. It’s a way for women to move their lives, their businesses, and our race, the human race, forward, with compassion and love, without forgetting their feminine essence, their Shakti. We’re not talking about feminism. We’re talking about femininity, feminine energy, Shakti. There is a big difference.

With this shift, there is only one way that I see that men everywhere, around the world, can go, and it will take some time. And that is for men to start to embrace their feminine energy. It’s there. It’s always there. Boys, fellas, you can’t hide from it. But within that embracing of both sides, the Shiva and the Shakti within you, springs a world of harmony, of love and peace.

So today, I wanted to honor a few women who I think are just damn amazing. These ladies inspire me, and I’m sticking with those that I know personally, because I can vouch that they walk their talk. And I’ll share their Instagram handles and all their links in today’s show notes at

First, I want to come back to the lady I mentioned before, and that is Peta Kelly. Peta came into our lives only recently, maybe seven or eight months ago, and her husband, Eric. I just adore these two so much. Yesterday, at her book tour, the way that Peta spoke about compassionate leadership and abundance was so fresh.

I mean, I’ve heard some of this stuff before, but Peta has a way of articulating, and she does it because she’s tapped into her own source, her own truth. For her, her guide is Mother Nature. And she owns it. It’s so beautiful to watch. Please do pick up her book, Earth Is Hiring. It’s so stunning. If you’re looking for inspiration from a leader who is the real deal, then Peta is the one for you. Peta, I love you. You’re amazing.

The next is Laura Plumb. Laura is my soul sister from San Diego, who has guided me through life and its challenges with Jyotish astrology and Ayurveda. Laura has never been afraid to speak her truth to Melissa and I, and I respect her so much for that. I just want you to know, Laura, that I love you. I feel so blessed to have you and Bhava in our lives. Your guidance is so appreciated, and I honour everything that you do in this world. You are incredible.

The next amazing queen I want to honor is Tara Bliss, and I smile straight away when I say this because I just frickin’ love this woman so much. I feel so connected to you, Tara, on a soul level, and I respect your integrity so much. I feel blessed and worthy to have co-created My Wellness Essentials with you and Melissa. And seeing this community thrive has been one of the greatest gifts I feel that I’ve been able to contribute to the world, and it would never have happened without you.

So thank you for showing me what it means to be authentic, to be aligned. I love you. And to all the women in My Wellness Essentials, and some men, I honour you all. I feel so grateful to be able to lead you, but in so many ways, you lead me. I love you all so much.

The next amazing lady is Emma Jane. Emma is a very close friend of Melissa and I. I knew Emma years and years and years ago, before I knew Melissa, and then we went our own ways, and we circled back when Melissa and I became soulmates again. I call her Bridgie; she is the embodiment of unconditional love, and your friendship, Bridgie, means the world to me. I love you.

The next amazing lady is Soulla Chamberlain, my Greek mama. Your devotion to helping people rediscover what it means to be empowered by the simple act of eating whole foods is epic. You are a beautiful mum. You are so devoted. I would do anything for you, and I absolutely adore you. I can’t wait to go to Greece with you this year. I love you heaps.

Next is Tara Warner. Now, Tara and I haven’t spoken for a little while, but we don’t need to. I know that you’re always there. And very few people get me like you do. We can have the craziest conversations, yet somehow, in our own unique way, it makes sense. In fact, right now, you can probably feel that I’m talking about you. There’s probably some sort of telepathy going on. That is our connection. And I want to thank you for coming into my life all those years ago in Hawaii, on that surfboard. I love you.

The next three ladies – they’re big, this is a biggie – the first one is my mother. Wow, I mean, can I be more grateful to another lady than the person who brought me into this world? I am so glad that my consciousness chose you. You have given me such an incredible life, you and Dad. I’m so grateful for the lessons you’ve taught me, the support that you’ve given me. Through thick and thin, you’ve always been there. You’ve never judged, never had expectations. You’ve just been love and supported me, and I hope that I am half the parent that you are. I love you, Mum. You are the best mother on the planet.

The next one is my nana Ruth. She passed away, I think it was 2001, at the ripe old age of 96. It’s funny, you know, looking back – I hadn’t thought about this, but Nana had been doing yoga back in the 50s, in Australia. If anyone knows what the 50s were like in Australia, it was not the sort of place that you’d be doing yoga and embracing Eastern philosophy. It was the Wild West back then. I remember her at 90 years old. She could still, with straight legs, bend down and touch her toes.

I remember her eating brown rice and vegetables and making a really mean caramel slice, and I wish, I wish, I could pick her brains now. There’d be so much wisdom in that beautiful mind of hers. We actually look very, very similar; there’s a very deep connection with my Nana Ruth. I’m very grateful that you gave birth to my father. My father is just an incredible inspiration.

And, of course, to finish off my honoring of amazing women – not just all of you ladies who are listening to this podcast, of course I honor you all. I wish I knew you all personally. But I want to finish this with my wife, Melissa. My beautiful wife. I always say that marrying you was the easiest and the hardest thing that I’ve ever done.

If you don’t know our story, Melissa and I had such a fascinating way that we got together. It was so special, and I proposed to her after two weeks. The weirdest thing happened in that two weeks: I felt like I was on complete autopilot, like somebody was guiding me towards marrying her. It was the weirdest feeling, like it was completely choiceless. I’m like, yup, cool, I get it. I’m doing it. Let’s go. I’m ready. And it just happened so beautifully.

And the world that we have created together, the love, the health, the abundance, it just blows my mind. With you, there is nowhere to hide. You are the shiniest of mirrors. You inspire me to be more every day. You walk your talk like no one else I’ve ever met. You are the best bonus mum to Leo, to your bonus son.

What would life be without you? I guess I’ll never know, because you and I have been here before together. We were always going to be here again, in this life. I’m just so glad that in this life, we get to be lovers, because I just think you are so damn sexy. Making love to you is an honor. Being your husband is an honor. Thank you for saying yes. I love you more than words can ever do justice.

And that is just a very brief snippet of some women that I want to honor today. I’m really feeling this so strongly at the moment, how amazing women are, how the world that you are creating in your businesses, in your families’ homes, is breathtaking. For all the men listening to this podcast, I encourage you support your women in their dreams. You don’t have to work in their business, but certainly be for their business.

I believe that businesses that are being created around the world, with more feminine energy in them, are the businesses that will change the world. That doesn’t mean that they are being created by women exclusively, at all. It means that they’re coming from a place of intuition and love and heart. There are lots of men doing that right now.

So, ladies, I wanted to devote this episode to you. I honor your divinity, your essence, your beauty, your love, your brilliance, your creativity, your softness, your warmth, and I would be so honored if you could share this episode with a woman that you love today. I think maybe more women may need to hear this right now. More women need to be honoured for the amazing vessels that they are in this lifetime.

So thank you so much for joining me, and you can catch all of the show notes today at And I’m going to put links and Instagram handles to all of those amazing ladies in today’s show notes. You can also get a full transcript of this show.

And remember, today, to look up. See the beauty around you. See the beauty within you. Be gentle with yourself. Be love. Embrace both your feminine and your masculine, because within that lies perfect harmony. That is the way that the universe works. That is divine order. So why not embrace it? Listen to your intuition. And as always, have a beautiful day. I love you heaps. Ciao.

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