Do You Have Leaky Money Buckets?

I was inspired to do this episode after having an impromptu mentoring call with one of my team members. This person was doing something I was super guilty of in the past… not looking at the numbers. And it occurred to me that if we don’t have our financial houses in order, it leads to ‘leaky buckets’ in all areas of our lives. Could taking control of your finances be one of the most powerful tools of personal transformation and spiritual evolution?
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Welcome to The Nick Broadhurst Show. I’m your host, Nick Broadhurst, and you can check out all of my work, including my music, my music videos, and every single one of these podcast episodes at And wherever you listen to music, whether it’s Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes; just search for my name, Nick Broadhurst, and you can check out all of my tunes.

And that song you were listening to is a song called “Take Me Down”, and it was one of my favourite songs to perform on the recent Open Wide tour, because it has such an epic lift; such an epic climax to it and for me it represents overcoming resistance, overcoming fear, and it’s relevant to today’s episode because we’re going to be talking about overcoming one thing in our lives which, if we don’t take control of, can really cause a lot of leaky buckets.

Now, leaky buckets, I will explain what they are in a minute, but I must say; I had the week off last week, and I really missed doing this! But what was really nice was, we were running a giveaway on Instagram, and we asked people to submit their favourite episode, and what they loved about the episode.

And I was so touched, honestly, to see what this podcast, The Nick Broadhurst Show, has been doing for people in their lives, and it has nothing to do with me. I’m just the messenger. You already know all this information.

But I’m so grateful that we have technology that we can leverage to get this sort of information out to the world. So, I just wanted to say thank you to all of your messages, and also to say that I missed you! I really do miss doing this, so it’s great to be back.

And this morning I literally decided to do this episode at the last minute because of a Voxer message that I got from one of my team members, and she told me that I should do an episode on this. And then I had an SMS from Melissa on exactly the same thing, so I thought, “Okay, cool, universe wants me to do this.”

So, here we go! And this one is called, “Do You Have Leaky Money Buckets?” And this is not just about money. This episode is about everything in your life. But I’m using money as a way of seeing where we have leaks in our life. And I was inspired to do this episode after having an impromptu mentoring call with one of my team members. Now, this person was doing something that I used to be super guilty of in the past, and that was, not looking at the numbers.

Now, numbers can freak people out. I could’ve easily have called this podcast, “Know Your Numbers”, and I was going to. But then I realized that if I had’ve called it that, then the people who need to look at their numbers wouldn’t listen to this episode. So before you freak out, I want you to get through this, because if numbers in your life, in your bank account, in your business, if they scare you, this is a must listen to.

Because this has transformed my life, and Melissa’s, and as you’ll see, it’s transformed this particular team member’s life. And it occurred to me that when we don’t have our financial houses in order, it leads to leaky buckets in all of our lives. I’m gonna say it again, because it’s so important; when we don’t have our financial houses in order, it leads to leaky buckets, in all areas of our lives.

So, my question for you today is very simple; can taking control of your finances be one of the most powerful tools of personal transformation and spiritual evolution?

I resoundedly believe yes. Emphatically, yes. And I was actually doing a monthly catch up call with this particular person and this was part of My Wellness Essentials. My Wellness Essentials is the team that we set up to support people with building their own doTERRA Essential Oils business, and this particular person is one of our team members, let’s call her Phoebe, and she’s one of the very few people… not few, sorry, but she gets one on one time with me each month because she’s taking massive action in her own business.

And she’s well on her way to having a residual income in the millions per year, which is super exciting. But there’s one thing that will stop her from achieving this if she doesn’t nip it in the bud ASAP, and that is her resistance to look at the numbers.

So I asked Pheobe, let’s call her Pheobe; so I asked Phoebe to write down for me what her revelations were in this call, and this is what she said, “Funnily enough as I began to compose this email I recalled one of my favorite songs as a child was There’s a Hole in my Bucket by Nana Mouskouri – by Nana Mouskouri. I’ve manifested the crap out of that song.

For years, I’ve wondered why financially I’ve lived week to week, windfall to windfall, inheritance to wherever the hell my next influx of money would show up from. I’ve always had faith that the money would come and it always has but not without the pain and anguish of constantly whittling away my bank accounts, wallet, piggy banks, and whatever else I could find.” Does this sound familiar?

“Recently the pain point has become unbearable, as in seriously WTF? It got to the point that I just couldn’t hide it any longer, and whilst still trying to hide it on a call to my mentor, Nick, on Friday, boom, out it came. We were talking about something I thought was totally unrelated, duh. And I was asked a question about one of my business interests. What are your numbers?

I fobbed it off as I always have done, when someone asks me if my business is making money yet, or so I thought. I automatically replied with a nice general response, expecting to be able to move on to what our call was actually about. It would become very apparent it was the topic for this call, and said, ‘Oh yeah I’ll know my numbers when the accountant has finished with my accounts for the year!’

And with that, the spotlight was ignited and the red flag was flying; very torn in what was to become a cyclone of inquiry. What were my numbers? And were my finances leaking? As I spent the weekend looking at my numbers spread sheeting what was coming in, what was going out, reconciling the 342 transactions and zero that I’ve been avoiding; key word avoiding.

I became aware that it wasn’t just my financial house that was leaking. I had leaks in every facet of my life, from following up with my team members and customers, to the systems I had half-assed set up in my business, to the system I had quarter-assed set up in my own home, admin. And even my diet! Seriously, how did I not see this when I was diagnosed with leaky gut?”

So that was from Phoebe, and I must say those little comments I was making during that, like “duh” and key word ‘avoiding’, those were actually Phoebe’s words, not mine. I wasn’t mocking her, she was kind of mocking herself.

But I’ll add to this that Phoebe’s managing an online business and is getting her accountant this week to do two years of her returns, two years. She hasn’t looked at the numbers for two years. She doesn’t know if she’s making money and she has to report back to me after this meeting and we’re going to make some decisions about that business.

Now, cluttered finances. Cluttered finances, not knowing what’s going on in your financial house, is dangerous stuff, dangerous. There’s slippage here, which will seep into every area of your life. And what I highly, highly recommend, no matter where you are in the world, that you buy the book The Barefoot Investor.

Now, this was written for the Australian market but I have to tell you, the lessons are universal. And it is so fun, don’t be scared by the word Investor; it is the funniest book. You will tear through it in probably a few sittings, because you will just love what you’re learning so much.

That’s the first thing; I really, really encourage every single person to get The Barefoot Investor, by Scott Pape. Absolutely brilliant, and no excuses anymore, once you have this information there’s nowhere to hide.

And the next book is How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get into Heaven, by Dr. John Demartini, who was one of my mentors and Melissa’s. And it’s another amazing book which talks a lot about getting your financial house in shape.

Now, knowing the numbers is definitely a masculine trait. And note, I don’t say “male”, I say “masculine”. We all have feminine and masculine energy. They all are assigned to different things in our lives but when it comes to numbers and data, this is a very masculine thing.

And my goal for this podcast is not to… I don’t want this to be aimed solely at women ‘cause it’s not, because many men have the same lack of embracing their masculinity when it comes to looking at numbers. But it is nonetheless, a masculine trait.

And when I first met Melissa, she was pretty organized. She was pretty organized, but what she didn’t know where her numbers; she knew roughly, but when we first got together and she got her tax return, she saw how much she had been earning, and I was surprised to hear that she didn’t know how much she was earning until she got her tax return.

And then we ended up getting a business coach, and his name is Bruce Campbell… amazing man. And Bruce really made us dive into the numbers. So we fine-tuned all of our systems with our bookkeeper, we got really tight on our reporting, and we started to look at them in detail. And Bruce used to say, “Melissa! You have to look at the numbers.”

So, as I said, my goal here is to empower women and men to embrace the masculine energy of knowing your numbers. It doesn’t have to be boring; we actually really enjoy it! You know, it’s fun to look at it and go, “Woah. What was that expense for? What happened there?” You know, and we sort of make fun of each other sometimes. And it is fun. It’s even more fun when you’re making more money, but I must say, if you want to call in more abundance into your life, you have to stop the leaky buckets.

It comes down to such little things like, for example, let’s say your business account charges you $10 a month. Do you need to be with that bank, and do you need to be paying that $10 per month to manage your account? No! Because there’s lots of banks out there who will let you have a bank account for your business that doesn’t charge you fees. It comes down to knowing the numbers, across everything.

And once you plug these holes, even if it is just $10, it changes the energy that you have towards your wealth, towards your abundance, towards manifesting and attracting money. Because money will go where it can be caught and held, where it can be stored.

If your financial house, if you can picture it as buckets, and it has holes in it, do you think the universe is going to send you wealth? Now, if it does, it’s just gonna leak out. And the amount you get will be proportional to the amount that you leak, so you’ll never have the amount of money that you desire in your life. So I really want to empower you to start looking at this stuff, and really enjoy it.

As I said before, I was going to call this “Know Your Numbers”, and in episode number 31 at, called “What You Resist Persists”,  the full quote is, “What you resist persists, what you look at disappears.”

And I said to Phoebe, “Phoebe, you need at the numbers. You need to look at the leaks, because if you don’t look at the leaks, they’re gonna persist. If you look at them, they’re gonna disappear. So we started to implement some really simple ideas. A lot of these come from The Barefoot Investor, and these are all things that we’ve done ourselves, in our own lives. And the first thing was moving our money to accounts that had no fees. Plugging just that tiny little hole.

Now, you might think that this is a lot of effort, just for such a small financial reward; this is not about the money. This is about energy, because money is energy. This is about plugging the holes, this is about creating a container that the universe feels safe to send abundance to.

Now, what you’ll also see, once you start doing this, is you can look at every part of your life where there are numbers. Let’s look at your superannuation, for example. Do you have some? Well, Phoebe didn’t have any. Zero, none. And she is a middle aged woman. And it’s time for her to start planning.

Now, she can’t really afford to be putting money into Super right now, so we have decided that she’s going to set up a superannuation account, with a balanced index fund, which is something you can learn about in The Barefoot Investor, very, very important. And I said to her, “Just put $500. Just put $500 in there and don’t touch it.”

Because what that’s gonna tell the universe, is that you’re safe. You have a plan, it’s in place, and you’re worthy. Because you’re now looking at it and you’re plugging the holes, and you’re moving forward. You’re creating a safety net for your money. And superannuation is one of these things that gives us that feeling of safety for our future. Even if it is just $500, it starts there, because this is all energetic.

And the next thing was, setting up an account, putting her daughter on the account as well, as a joint signatory, and just putting $2,000 in there. And this could be $10, it could be $20,000 it could be $200. It depends on your current level of wealth.

But putting some money in an account that she can’t access, without someone else signing off. Because again, that tells the universe that you’ve got this covered. That you’re a safe place for wealth to be. This is so much fun! So, much, fun, when you get into it. I can’t tell you.

But the important thing is that once you begin to sort out your financial house, then it starts to support other areas of your life. Because if right now you have messy health, then have a look at your finances. Do they reflect your health as well? If your house is cluttered, have a look at your finances. Is it reflected there as well? And why do you think that I started The Nick Broadhurst Show, episode one, Living By The Code?

Because I was creating a system for people to create their own discipline. And discipline as I say in that podcast episode, is freedom. This is where it all starts; this is the foundation. And in this giveaway this week, the three most common episodes that were spoken about was Living By The Code, my Ayurveda series, and the Longevity series.

But a lot of people were saying, what a great way to start with Living By The Code, because it helps us get into this space of being organized. And the next one, episode number 2, was Productivity Without the Push, where I teach you how to get a lot of stuff done, without the stress.

How to have systems in your life. How to have a productivity system that captures all your thoughts and ideas and manages them into something which can be executed. And whenever I feel overwhelmed, it’s simply because I have not kept my own productivity system clean. It’s as simple as that.

So guys, I hope you really enjoyed that because this is a huge thing. This affects all of us on so many levels. Wealth is a beautiful thing. Honestly, wealth is a beautiful thing. It’s energy. Everything is energy. But once you have abundance in your life… and the definition of abundance is different for everyone. I’m not placing any judgement, whether you have $10 in the bank or $10,000,000.

Everybody has a different path, everybody will have different levels of abundance. Don’t compare yourself to other people. But really what this is all about is getting our financial house in order, attracting more wealth into our lives, and then using that wealth for something good.

Because it’s all about what we do with this abundance that matters. It is so much fun; I invite you to call more abundance into your life. I invite you to plug the leaky buckets. And watch how that starts to transform all areas of your life.

So, for the full show notes, including links to the books and episodes I mentioned, head to And you can also get a full transcript of this show. And please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button on your podcast app so that you can get all of my episodes.

Now, I always ask that you leave me a review, because honestly, I just want to know what it is that you want more of. So, hit the number of stars that feels good for you, but please leave me a comment as well, a written review, and make a suggestion.

Give me feedback on maybe one podcast episode which really helped you in some way, and maybe I can talk about that in a future episode. Tell me what you want to learn about. I am completely at your service. I love doing this so much.

And lastly, if you can share this episode on your social media and make sure you tag me @IAmNickBroadhurst. Because, I mean, who couldn’t use a bit more organization with their financial house? We could all be better at this, all the time.

So I really encourage you to share this or send this to someone; send it to your family, send it to your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your friends, because I guarantee you, if they really take on board the lessons in this podcast episode, and check out some of those books, it will transform their lives. It’s as simple as that.

Now, remember today to look up. See the beauty around you. See the beauty within you. Be gentle with yourself, and remember, be love towards yourself. Listen to your intuition. If this episode speaks to you on a deep level, and if you know deep down it’s time to plug your leaky holes and your leaky buckets, then I encourage you to do that. But do it with a sense of fun. Do it with a sense of adventure. Enjoy this process. Feel empowered.

And if you feel scared by looking at the numbers, that’s okay. But do whatever you have to do in your life to start seeing the numbers. If you have a business, definitely, start diving into the numbers. With your bank accounts, with your superannuation, with your investments, whatever it is, start to look at the numbers.

And I have to tell you, years ago I got myself into financial trouble because I just didn’t look at the numbers. And I earned very good money at the time and just felt like I could always bail myself out. But this is not a fun way to live; this is not an intuitive way to live. So, as always, have a beautiful day. I love you heaps. Ciao!

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