The Cervical Orgasm (Part 2)

After almost 100 episodes, I feel like we have been building up to moments like this. A climax where we can share and discuss the most intimate parts of our lives as a community. In part 2 of The Cervical Orgasm Series we are going to dive deeper into why this part of the female body is so powerful, and how you can, on your own, or with your partner, tap into the holy grail of orgasms.
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If you haven’t heard or read Part 1 of The Cervical Orgasm Series, please head back to episode 96. This is super important because while you may want to try skipping ahead to Big C, the holy grail of orgasms, there is some prep work that can be massively beneficial, not to mention loads of fun too. In that episode you will hear why the cervical orgasm is so freaking insanely powerful.

I find this topic so fascinating because I know it’s very real, and I have seen the healing power it has had on my wife, but when you try to find information on it, much of it is focused on the fact that the cervical orgasm has never been proved. From a physiological perspective, the cervix has very little nerve endings compared to the clitoris, but to me, that’s what makes it so magical.

The cervical orgasm is not about stimulation, it’s about surrender.
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If you have not experienced a cervical orgasm yet, it’s simply because you have not been given the keys to drive that part of your body… yet. That’s what this episode is all about, and you can also learn more about this in Melissa’s game-changing book, Open Wide.

The cervical orgasm is so deep that it actually births you into yourself. I know that sounds a bit wild, but once you experience it, you will know exactly what I am talking about. It’s a potent tool of liberation from conditioning and belief systems. As you go deeper and deeper into the vagina, the more intense the sensation, and the more intense the spiritual and emotional transformation.

If you have only ever experienced clitoral orgasm, then this is about to open up a whole new world to you. The clitoris generally has an endpoint because it can get overstimulated and sensitive. The cervical orgasm can just keep on going, and going, and going. You will eventually be not able to count the number of orgasms in one lovemaking session on two hands. Deep vaginal and cervical orgasms release more oxytocin as well, so they are literally the fountain of youth. Why do you think that freshly fucked look has a radiance about it?

Warning – The cervix (C-spot) is a VERY sensitive area and can be the complete opposite to the G-spot… well at first, anyway. Eventually, once you have surrendered and surrendered and surrender, you will be able to have harder more intense physical stimulation. But it takes time. This process is called ‘de-armouring’ and you can do it yourself, but for this episode, I am going to be talking about having a partner do the stimulation for you.

If you want to give your woman a C-spot experience, I suggest, just as I did with the G spot, that you start with a long and loving massage of her whole body first. Get her super relaxed and wide open. Then place two pillows under her pelvis so her ass is nicely elevated. Next, move onto her vagina. Start on the outside by gently massaging her lips with your fingertips. Make her absolutely desperate for you to penetrate her with your thumb. Then tease her. Put your thumb in a little, then out, then in a little bit more, until your thumb is all the way in. (Keep those fingernails trimmed right back boys!). She should be groaning with delight, but not uncomfortable. That’s your barometer if you have warmed her up and opened her enough. And also if she is super wet… she hopefully should be by now.

At the start, I took an hour of massage and talking before attempting this. Now I can dive right in. It depends on your partner, so just be totally present and really feel how she is feeling. There is no rush. This is not a race and it’s important to let go of your expectations and be fully present with her.

Slowly move your thumb deeper and deeper inside her until you reach what feels like another thumb pointing back at you in the opposite direction. You will know it straight away because it feels like a round knob with an indent right in the middle of it. Women tend to hold the energy from any past pain or anger here in the cervical area, so you have to tread very lightly! It could be very painful for some, and highly pleasurable for others. Just move slowly and always ask for feedback on how she is feeling and what she likes.

If your lady is feeling comfortable, you can start to gently stroke the indented area with your thumb. You can use fingers as well, whatever you and your partner like, but for me, the thumb is a great place to start because you can’t really get so deep that you could cause any major pain. As always, you need to feel what she responds to, and try different speeds, angles, and pressure while continuing to ask her for her feedback. At the start, it may take around 10 minutes or possibly way more, of gentle stimulation with your thumb going up and down, round and round until you can lift the tempo and intensity.

This is really, phase 1 of the cervical orgasm. Once you feel comfortable with this level of penetration, you can start to play around with it during intercourse. There are two positions that I have found very powerful when wanting to focus on the C Spot. They are really just slight variations to the classic man on top and woman on top positions. If you are in a same-sex relationship you can stick with fingers or use something like a crystal wand.

With the man on top, you will need to have your legs wrapped around his lower back, with your abs tight, almost like you are doing a sit up, but holding it. In fact, the cervical orgasm is amazing for your core! The man needs to keep his pelvis tilted up so that he is driving upwards towards the cervix. You can find a spot that feels good with the penis and cervix in contact with each other, hold it, then make smaller movements on that spot with both of your abs held tight. This is really like the man using his fingers but instead, he is using his penis. It’s such a beautiful experience to be able to do this during intercourse.

The next position with the woman on top is very similar. You may need to take your time and build by moving your body and hips, with your hands on the bed beside him at first. Once you feel open, then place your hands on his chest so you are more upright and can go deeper to make contact with the cervix.

It’s this earlier work with fingers and thumb on the cervix that allows you to recognize when you are in the right spot. Then, just as you did with him on top, find that spot where there is contact between penis and cervix, then lock it in and make the movements smaller to focus and intensify the cervical stimulation.

The man will have to have his core tight and buttocks squeezing hard to keep his pelvis in the right spot so that you can move in a way that feels best for your cervix and your fit with your partner. We all come in different shapes and sizes.

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And that my friends, is the holy grail of orgasms.

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P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.

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