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Over the past couple of weeks we have been getting into some pretty deep topics. We have covered depression, enlightenment, success, bromance love, staying open wide, living from the heart, the one sentence that changed my life, what we resist persists and an orgasm a day keeps the divorce lawyer away. So today is something a bit lighter. My goal with BROAD NEW WORLD is to share something each day that we can all easily implement into our lives, and today’s topic is something I guarantee we can all do starting today, and hopefully make this a part of our lives for the rest of our lives.
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And you can catch my music at Which will take you straight to my Spotify artist profile. But of course you can catch my music everywhere that you listen to music. And today’s song we were playing is a remix of my very first single, Little Lover, by an Australian artist called BLVION.

And this is a very very upbeat song. I haven’t played anything like that on The Nick Broadhurst Show yet, but I was feeling like it’s Friday, we’re going into the weekend, we’ve got a much lighter topic, so why not bring a bit of bouncy good vibes, a bit of “duff duff” into our day. So I hope you enjoyed that. You can catch the full song at, and of course on Spotify.

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting pretty deep into some topics. We’ve covered depression, enlightenment, success, bromance love, staying open wide and living from the heart, the one sentence that changed my life, what we resist persists, and an orgasm a day keeps the divorce lawyer away.

So today I’m going to do something a bit lighter, and my goal with The Nick Broadhurst Show is to always share something with you each day that we can all easily implement into our lives. And today’s topic is something that I guarantee, one hundred percent, that we can all, every single one of us, can start doing today. And I promise you, it will make a difference.

Now, I first came across this in Mexico. I had just finished doing a keynote talk at the 2012 Awesomeness Fest Conference, which was incredible. I know it’s a funny name but… I’m not too sure if Awesomeness fest is still going; it’s run by a company called Mindvalley, but man it was a lot of fun.

And it was here that I met one of my main bromances, and that is James Colquhoun, who was also talking on stage about his company, Food Matters and entrepreneurialism. Now, to solidify our new budding bromance, we decided to head down to Tulum for a few days and we got some huts in the same resort and we spent a few days down there with our partners.

And it was here that I was first exposed to the concept of blessing your food. And James and Laurentine were out having dinner and they stopped and they put their hands over their food and closed their eyes. And immediately I was struck at how beautiful this simple practice was.

I’m literally just about to dive into my fish tacos and I felt a bit awkward because as I’m dipping it into the salsa, I have to quickly stop because I realize that they’re doing something quite special and quite beautiful. And I asked them what they were doing. And James goes on to talk about how blessing your food can actually change the energy in the food.

Now this might sound a bit woo woo, if you have not seen any of the work by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s work on water and how you can actually change the structure of water with your emotion, with energy. But this all made perfect sense to me. And you can learn more about his work and structuring water in my episode number 20,, which is called “Can you really throw away your water filter?

So not every kitchen that you go to is going to cook with love. And this is one of the first things that I pick up on. I can literally smell it, is when food has not been cooked with love. So that’s one of the reasons we bless our food. Because we can actually change the energy in our food.

This is a scientifically proven fact. It’s not something that we can debate anymore. And so that’s purely just like I guess a self-protection thing. It’s just to make sure the food that we’re consuming actually has love infused into it. So that’s the first reason we bless our food.

The next reason is to simply slow down. To bring awareness to the fact that you are about to digest food. Now, our digestion is so important. This is where we get our energy from and with the amount of stress that we all live with, our bodies exist in a state of fight or flight for a lot of the time, for far too much of the day.

So what we want to be doing is bringing our bodies back into a state of parasympathetic nervous system whenever possible. That is the rest and digest state. So whenever we bless, we also take 3 big deep breathes just to slow down. And we take long exhalations because that extends the state of the parasympathetic nervous system.

And the last reason is gratitude. You know, we are so blessed to have an abundance of food on our plates. You don’t have to go back very far in history when this simply was not the case. So just sending love and gratitude to the farmers who poured love and sweat into bringing this food onto your plate is an amazing thing to do. And of course just blessing the animals. Giving gratitude to the animals and the plants that gave us their life so that we may stay strong, and nourished and full of energy.

And if we’re ever at home or at a friend’s place, we always hold hands around the table while one person blesses the food and expresses gratitude. And it’s kind of like saying grace but it really sets the tone for a different type of dinner or a lunch. It’s such a beautiful practice.

And if it feels weird to you, you will get over it very quickly because you will enjoy it so much. And I guarantee you tonight when I go to one of my soul sisters places, soul is for dinner, we will bless the food, 100%. We’ll hold hands, there will be new people there, people I haven’t met, but we’ll all hold hands.

So, this is one thing I can absolutely guarantee that we can all do today. Because we’re all going to eat something. And even if you are in the middle of a water fast, you can still stop and give gratitude for having clean water. I mean the fact that you get to drink clean water means that you are one of the privileged few in the world who actually has access to clean drinking water.

So my call to action today is to embed this simple practice of blessing your food into your daily routine. Because it doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits all of those around you. If you do this at a restaurant, you’ll definitely, definitely set a more peaceful mood, not just for yourselves but for the people around you; and sometimes get a few questions about what you’re doing, which is a great conversation starter. It’s pretty awesome.

So, I hope you enjoyed that. This is a really quick fire, simple, easy to implement practice, but it’s something we do every single time we eat food or drink water. And you can catch all the show notes for this episode at, where you can also get a full transcript of the show.

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So thank you again, I love being here with you. Happy Friday and remember today to look up, see the beauty around you, see the beauty within you, be grateful for your food, bless your food. Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with others, be love, listen to your intuition, go inwards, because if we don’t go within, we go without. And have a beautiful day. I love you heaps. Ciao.

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