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Today I want to talk to you about meditation. Now, I know that this is something which I bang on about all the time and a lot of people bang on about mediation; how important it is. But, I think I have a way that’s going to make it easy for you to get into your life. So, you may have noticed that a lot of my podcasts this year have been — well this year, I’ve only just started, but a lot of my podcasts have been focused on how to get your year off to the best start possible.

And in episode one, which you can get at, which was called Living By The Code, I basically outlined a set of rules, a set of principles that I live by. And one of those is that I never miss a meditation. And so I kicked off a challenge this year that anybody can join me on, and it’s the hashtag #thedailymed, and you’ll see on my Instagram that I always post a photo of myself meditating. And that means I’m posting two photos a day. So I’m going for 730 meditations this year. And for me it is a non-negotiable, that’s it.

And so what I want to talk to you about today is how to make meditation easy, and there’s one particular strategy which makes it so much easier. I promise you, if you try this, all of a sudden meditation will become part of your life and I guarantee you, there is no more important thing for our nervous systems, for our lives, for everything. The mediation because we are surrounded by stress, right? Totally surrounded. And our nervous systems just need a little vacation every day, and meditation is the fastest way to give yourself that vacation.

So my number one strategy to make meditation easy is, are you ready for it? It’s to commit; it’s that simple. You are probably expecting some fancy technique which I’ll talk about in a minute. But, the number one strategy is just to commit. So when you decide that this is going to be part of your life, you have overcome possibly the hardest part of meditation. And that is commitment.

Now, what I love about episode one of broadhurstworld, Living By The Code, is that one of the columns in my code is the never column. So never miss a meditation. Once you add this to your not-negotiables for the day, meaning that you prioritize it above everything else, you know that’s in your calendar, whether it’s when you first wake up, whether it’s at the end of the day, twice a day, three times; whatever it is, it’s in your calendar and you do it. That’s it.

Because once you get over that mental hurdle of, “Oh, meditation is so hard, I can never do it every day;” no, no, no, meditation is not hard. The hardest part of meditation is actually seating your butt down and doing it.

So this is all about removing the biggest obstacle in meditation because the actual technique, the actual practice, is not hard.  In fact, it is the easiest thing you’ll ever do in your life. It’s your mean girl or your bad boy which gets in the way of you becoming a ninja meditator.

Now, last year, which as you know I had a very strange year and it was a tough year for me, the one thing that was not consistent in my life was meditation. I did it maybe once a day instead of my usual twice a day. And some people might say, “Oh, once a day’s plenty.” Well, for me, my nervous system, I need it twice a day, it just grounds me, it keeps me balanced.

So whatever it is for you that feels good, I want you to decide. So just decide. Commit. What are you going to commit to with your mediation practice? And I’m going to list for you my favorite types of meditation. So before we get into that, is it going to be five minutes of breathing? Is it going to be 10 minutes of a guided meditation? Is it going to be 20 minutes twice a day of transcendental meditation or vedic meditation?

Have a think about that. Decide what it’s going to be, when you are going to do it, whatever you need to do to make space. Make the decision and commit. No excuses. It’s that simple.

So I’m going to talk to you about the favorite types, my favorite types. Now, as I always say, I do transcendental meditation, also known as vedic meditation. They come from different camps, different teachers, but they are essentially the same technique. And also known as primordial sound technique, which is taught by Deepak Chopra, or of the different organizations.

For me, the essence of this technique is that you get to take your nervous system on a holiday twice a day for 20 minutes. And it’s been scientifically proven that doing these two meditations for 20 minutes is the equivalent of eight hours extra sleep. Think about that. Who could not use eight hours extra sleep a day?

Now, I can’t overstate how important that is. It is so powerful, it’s completely changed my life. It took my life on a trajectory I could never have imagined and it all started with meditation. Everything changed for me. And what I found is that you get three months in and you start really noticing there’s been a shift. Then you get six months in, you start looking back and you start thinking, “Wow look, I’m reading different books, I’m watching different TV shows, I’ve turned the news off, I don’t read the newspapers anymore.”

And you start to filter out a lot of this stuff in your life which no longer serves you. And sometimes that is also some of your friends as well. So it’s subtle, but overtime things change and I’ve been meditating doing TM since 2008. So what, 10 years now, and I’m onto my third mantra. There’s different levels of mantra’s. So that is a mantra based meditation. I love it, it’s amazing. You can look up vedic meditation, transcendental meditation, and you can find a teacher near you.

Now, the next thing is an app I love called One Giant Mind, it’s created by a friend of mine, Jonni Pollard, and he’s absolutely brilliant. I love him to bits. Everything he touches I would happily recommend. That’s the number one, I’ll put this in the show notes for you which will be at

And if you haven’t heard Melissa’s Mastering Your Mean Girl Meditations, they are incredible. There’s 10 tracks, they’re guided meditations and the audio soundscape behind those mediations was engineered by myself and an engineer in India whose name is Abhi. And he also engineers this podcast and Melissa’s podcast. And we are forever grateful for his work, he is incredible.

And mastering your mean girl meditations are really, really powerful because you get Melissa’s beautiful soothing voice of course but you get this technology, and each once focuses on something different so you can choose what works for you. And sometimes I do guided meditations. I do guided meditations by one of my teachers, [09:43 – inaudible]. And they serve me sometimes really well when I just need to move out of a state.

And if you just want to get some, not distraction, but if you want to just close your eyes, put some headphones on and go into a deeper state of relaxation, then you can try lots of different apps like Holosync or BRAIN.FM. Really, really, powerful stuff. They’re using subliminal audio just like mastering your mean girl meditations with binaural beats, and mastering your mean girl meditations have Isochronic tones and Solfeggio frequencies, all these cool technologies.

So that’s it guys. I think mediation gets over complicated. It becomes looked at as this really hard thing that’s really hard to implement in our lives. I think the hardest thing is just actually committing to doing it. So once you’ve made that commitment, put it in your code, and again, if you haven’t heard that episode, it’s Put it in your code, make it a non-negotiable, and you’ve overcome the hardest part of meditation.

Choosing the type is just fun, it’s just easy, but choose the one that you are definitely going to commit to every day. I do my two meditations and occasionally I’ll add in some audio when I’m working or a guided meditation if I’m particularly stressed. And that’s it.

So I hope you really enjoyed that. I hope that’s going to make life a bit easier for you. It is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. So anything that I can do to get you meditating is a bonus. So for all the show notes you can go to And I would love it, this is now in iTunes Store, the podcast is live which is super exciting. Which means you can now leave me a five star review. So please head into the podcast app and hit those magical five stars.

But at the same time I would be super, super grateful if you could please share this with someone that you love. Because any of these episodes I’m sure can serve someone that you know, so if every time you hear one of these episodes you share it, I’d be super, super grateful.

If you can take a screenshot, share it on Instagram, tag me @IAmNickBroadhurst  using the hashtag #TheNickBroadhurstShow. And don’t forget the daily med challenge, hashtag #thedailymed. And you can join me on that, and it’s simple, you just take a photo of yourself, put it on your Instagram stories or any social media, and just count how many meditations you’ve done. I think today was number 21 for the year.

So have a beautiful day as always. I love you heaps and I’ll chat to you soon. Bye.

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    • thank you so much, am committing to this….have found my insight meditation very hard to get back into, so am going to look for a vedic meditation teacher to help me.

      January 14, 2018
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