Mastering Your Queen’s Moon Cycle

Why is it that every month men seem to forget that their Queen is moving into their 'cycle'? I mean, the signs are always very similar, yet the masculine charges ahead as if all is the same. Well, this is the case for me anyway, and today I want to share some tips I am using to help me navigate this important time in the month for my Queen...
Tips to Master your Queen’s Moon Cycle
  • Be love, give love, tell her you love her
  • This is a time for the masculine to soften. Not time for that innate quality of firmness
  • Run a bath, do something nice for her, diffuse essential oils, give her a foot massage. Anything that you know your queen loves
  • Ladies, if you don’t use Period Tracker, create an account, use it, and share with your mans phone. It also acts as an epic accountability tool for your love making
  • Set a reminder in your phone or calendar every month just to give yourself a nudge to start softening towards her
  • Make love as much as you can before she starts her cycle… build up the love credits!

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And that song you were listening to is a song called Take Me Down, which is very fitting for today’s episode because this is a period of the month, which happens every single month, which we want to make sure that we don’t get taken down.

So, today we’re going to be talking about a topic which I believe is incredibly important for every single man out there. Now, it’s equally as important for every single woman and so this is the sort of episode I would love for you to share with every single person that you know who’s either male or female, which is everyone. Because, this is a challenge and as I always say, we teach what we most need to learn. I know I keep saying it over and over again but it’s one of the main reasons I’ve done this podcast, is because I love to teach what I’m learning because it helps me embed these principles into my own life, so it’s kind of like my own accountability system.

Today we’re going to be talking about mastering your queen’s moon cycle. Now, I guess this is not something that you hear a lot of men talk about, but this is The Nick Broadhurst Show and it’s a different sort of podcast, and so we’re going to talk about this very, very important and interesting time of the month.

So what am I talking about with moon cycle? I’m talking about your woman’s menstrual cycle, your moon cycle, your period. And why is this important? Because it happens to everybody and it’s a very important time of the month. It’s a very beautiful time of the month. It’s a time of the month that men should honor and give space to, and really nurture their queen in that time.

You know, it’s funny because I wonder, why do I always forget? I wonder if other men are the same as me; I forget every single month. This episode is kind of me setting up some guidelines for myself to try and make this a bit more smooth.

Now, my wife, Melissa, doesn’t have a particularly up and down cycle, but at the same time there is still changes every month which are really, really important to keep an eye on. So this is really for men, but it’s also for the queens out there, to share it with their kings, because I want to support men in this period and in doing so, we get to support our women.

What I think’s really funny is that the cues, every month, the hints that this is coming, they’re the same pretty much every month, yet I miss it every month. I feel like the biggest douche because I get a few days into it and then think, “Oh, what was I doing? Of course, of course, it’s that time of the month. I can’t believe that I forgot again.” So I want to create some strategies to be a better husband and to be a better king for my queen.

And so generally, what I notice is that there starts to become a bit more sensitivity for Melissa, maybe a bit more tired, a bit more emotional. You start seeing these little cues. The first thing is you want to sort of obviously pick up on this but, this is a time for the masculine to soften. It’s not a time for that innate quality of masculine firmness to shine through. This is a time for the masculine to take a step back and soften and to nurture.

And so I wanted to outline some tips, which I think can be very helpful. The first thing is, in this period I want you to remember just one or two words, and that is “be love”. Because we’re only talking about maybe a week maximum; now, we should be love all the time, but in this period, it’s specifically important to be love because that’s what the feminine needs, she needs nurturing.

If you look at some traditional cultures, they have what’s called the red tent, where because all the women live together in a tribal culture, they have their moon cycle at the same time, they’re living outdoors, they’re exposed to the moon’s light and they’re in tune with the lunar cycle, that’s why it’s called the moon cycle.

They would go off to the red tent all together and they would look after each other and they wouldn’t have any chores or duties to do, and so we need to bring some of those principles into the modern world. The first thing is to be love, to give love and to tell her that you love her. Tell her more than you usually do. I think it’s going to be extremely — well I know, it’s going to be extremely well received.

The second thing is run a bath or do something nice for her, diffuse some essential oils, give her a foot massage; anything that you know that your queen loves, this is the time to step up and do it. I’m pretty hopeless at this because I tend to get almost halfway through and then realize and then I start to show up.

The next tip is going to help you and help me get more on top of this, and this is actually using an app called Period Tracker. I like to encourage all women first of all to actually use an app like Period Tracker because it’s really good to know how your cycle is tracking, for lots of different reasons, especially for your health, to see how you’re going with your health. But, what you can do is, your man can download it and log in on his phone and he can also keep an eye on when your next moon cycle is due, and after awhile, you get a bit of an average an so an alert will pop up and say, “Yes, it’s almost time.” Which is very, very helpful.

The other great thing about this app is that it becomes an accountability for your love making because you also log when you make love, if you want to, and a pretty little flower pops up; or no, I think a heart pops up every time you make love. And if you go into that app and you see that there is no love hearts, then perhaps you, the masculine, is not showing up and of course the feminine too but, the masculine is responsible for the direction, the feminine is responsible for the energy, just remember that.

So for the men out there, this app is really good for accountability and if I ever look inside that app and I see that there is even just a few days without that love heart, I feel like I’m not showing up and this is a great way to stay accountable. The next thing is to set a reminder in your phone or in your calendar perhaps, just every month, just to give yourself a little nudge that it is time to start softening, right? It’s that simple.

The last power tip, this one is a goodie, trust me; if you do this, it will change your life, I promise you. Before the moon cycle comes, make love as much as you can. It’s almost like building up your love credits because your queen is going to need that through this next period, and so if you know it’s coming, don’t shy away, step up, make love as much as you can and I guarantee you that transition will be a lot smoother.

Those are my tips for mastering your queen’s moon cycle, I hope you enjoyed that. You can get all of today’s show notes at And I would be supper grateful if you could head into iTunes and leave me a five star review, and tell me what it is you love about the podcast and what you want to hear more of. Like literally, leave me suggestions, I want to hear from you and I would love to get plenty of topic ideas because I’m here, I’m at your service and I want to share everything that I’ve learnt with you, but it makes it a lot easier if I know exactly what it is you guys want to hear.

The next thing is of course please do share this with someone that you love because I think this is going to be really helpful. Share it with your girlfriends. Share it with your boyfriends. I’d be super grateful if you could do that and spread the love. Until next time, as always, I love you heaps, and have a beautiful day.

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