How To Make Your Phone Your Friend

Never before have we been more connected to the world of information, thanks to our mobile phones. But if we are not careful, this amazing tool can not only pose an alarming health risk, but it can quickly become a weapon of mass distraction. In this episode, we are going to look at some quick tweaks you can make that will finally make your phone your friend.
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I really think that today’s topic is incredibly important for every single person. Chances are, right now you are listening to this podcast or reading on an iPhone or smartphone. Yes, they are amazing, and have literally become an extension of our bodies, but within this there are some inherent risks that I want to not only highlight, but suggest some solutions that can seriously make using your phone a much more graceful experience.

Now first of all, I think we are all switched on enough to know that phones are not great for our health. Think about this for a second; there is a thing called the Schumann Resonance, which without going into a load of science can be thought of the frequency of the earth’s heartbeat, which is around 7.83Hz. When a person’s brain tunes in with 7.83 Hz, it has been shown to be an essential requirement for optimal health and increasing the immune protection in our cells. The human body is said to have a fundamental frequency of around 5Hz.

This amazing tool can not only pose an alarming health risk, but it can quickly become a weapon of mass distraction.
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Now let’s take a look at our phones. You will most likely be familiar with 3G or 4G signals on your phones. This is a frequency of 2700Mhz. That’s 2700 million Hz! That’s 540,000,000 times more Hz than our human body field. And we hold this to our heads! So some quick EMF protection 101 for you…

  1. Get yourself a Safesleeve or Defender Shield case. I love the Safesleeve model that has a magnetic feature that allows you to pop your phone out of the case really easily.
  2. Keep your phone on airplane mode. Anyone who has my phone number will know how hard it is to reach me. I rarely have my phone turned on, and if I do it’s normally just the wifi that is on.
  3. Don’t ever have your phone turned on and in your pocket.
  4. Headphones are even worse as they create a nice antenna for these 2700 million Hz to go straight into your brain. So, if you use headphones, get yourself a set of airtubes which are headphones that use air to conduct sound, not metal wires.

Ok, that’s the safety part. Now let’s talk about blue light. Here is some blue light 101 for you…

  1. Turn on Night Shift mode 24/7 so that your phone software filters out most of the blue light spectrum from your screen. It’s called Night Shift mode on iPhones, and there are other phones that have similar features. If Apple are building it in, what does that tell you? They even have it on their computers now as well.
  2. Try not to use your phone within at least 30 min from bedtime. 2 hours is even better.

Now let’s make some more tweaks to your phone setup and settings to really make your phone your friend.

  1. The tip, thanks to my wife who did it first, has been a game changer. First, do a ruthless clean up of all apps on your phone. Get rid of anything that is not absolutely essential. Clutter on your phone is clutter in your mind. Then, you want to get all your apps onto one screen by using folders. I use folders in layers, so I can have one folder called Mind Body and on the first level or page of that folder is what I use all the time, and then on the next page is the less frequently used apps, and on and on. You really should not have any more than 3 levels or pages of apps within one folder.
  2. The folders I use are Money, Productivity, Watch, Other, Travel, Inspo, Mind Body and Social, with a few keps apps not in folders, which you can see in the video below.
  3. If you can, delete all email apps and save that for focused time on your computer. In a future episode I am going to share with you how I have been able to retire from email. Yep, it’s possible!
  4. And last tip is turning off those pesky Notifications! Do we really need to know when someone comments on our posts, or when you receive an email? No. The only sound or vibration my phone makes is when I receive a phone call. No pop ups, no annoying little red badge numbers saying you have 54 unread emails or 20 new comments. Nothing. Na-da. It’s been proven that just thinking about, or looking at our phones can increase cortisol levels in our bodies. Not cool. So, the less our phone is trying to get our attention with those annoying notifications, the better.

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P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.

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