A Word Of Caution About Ayurveda

There is no doubt in my mind that Ayurveda, the science of life, is the most powerful system of healing ever created. Not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. In this episode we are going to take a look at one side I have noticed to Ayurveda which can actually have the opposite effect of healing. If you love Ayurveda as much as I do, or even if you are new to Ayurveda, having this one simple understanding can ensure you reap the benefits of this profound ancient system.
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To say I love Ayurveda would be an understatement. If you are not familiar with Ayurveda, your unique body type and how powerful this system is for creating a balanced life, in equilibrium, so you can experience abundant energy on all levels, then make sure you go back and listen to my Ayurveda Series 1 which starts at episode 21 and helps you understand your body type (or doshas), and also Ayurveda Series 2 which starts at 77 and goes deep into the importance of your digestive fire and how to balance your dosha.

But today I want to talk about something I have seen within myself, and also people around me. I call it ‘dosha drama’. We all have our own Prakruti, which is a sanskrit word that means “original creation”. This is your own unique blend of the three main doshas, vata, pitta and kapha, which was created the moment you came into existence. It’s your Prakruti which shapes you emotionally, spiritually and physically. This constitution does not change throughout your life.

Then there is your Vikruti, which translates as “after creation”. After the moment of conception, we are exposed to environmental factors that influence us from that moment on. Your Vikruti is the current state of your balance of the three doshas and how they are being expressed. This is the nature of your imbalance. That’s why so many people when they take an online dosha quiz tend to think they are their imbalance and never get to the bottom of what their natural state, or Prakruti is.

The ‘dosha drama’ sets in when the dosha starts to get used as an excuse, or is seen as a limitation. So let’s use me as an example; my Prakruti is Vata-Pitta. When I am in balance, I feel creative, light, full of love, strong and vibrant. When I am out of balance my vata is almost always the first to go. I lose weight, feel stressed from all the excess cortisol in my body, and my pitta can also flair up which makes me irritable and angry. I become a pretty horrible human. That’s an example of my Vikruti at that moment in time.

The ‘dosha drama’ sets in when the dosha starts to get used as an excuse, or is seen as a limitation
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Just because I am vata-pitta, doesn’t mean it’s ok to stay in the imbalance and use it as an excuse. I could say, “I’m sorry I’m so irritable Leo, that’s just my pitta.” Or to Melissa I may say, “Hey, I know I’m totally off with the fairies right now, but that’s just me. I’m vata. Deal with it”

I have seen this play out many times, and what I am noticing is that a person’s Prakruti can start to become almost a limitation in their mind.

You have probably all heard of the Wim Hoff Method which is a combination of breathwork and cold exposure. Being vata, I could easily develop a belief that I should always keep my body warm and not even consider jumping in the ocean in winter. Sure, if I did it every day I could create an imbalance, but when I am in balance, in a state of equilibrium, my body is strong and can benefit from cold thermogenesis like anyone else.

Also, does being predominantly vata mean you can’t be organised, driven and ambitious like a pitta? No. It may take some extra work to nurture those traits within yourself, but you can get there. Or perhaps a vata person may read that they lean towards having a generally have weaker digestion. Does that mean they are always going to have weak digestion? Does that mean they can never eat a raw salad? No. Their digestion can be nurtured into a state of balance where their agni is strong, but it will take more awareness than a pitta person who has a naturally fiery digestion.

Or let’s take a pitta person who develops a belief that they are not naturally creative because they don’t have much of the vata in their Prakruti, or constitution. Does that mean they can’t be great at music? No. Does that mean they can’t be a good listener and nurturing like a kapha? No. It may require more focus and attention, but they can absolutely be whatever they want to be.

And finally a kapha person may feel like they are always going to battle with their weight, which in turn could create a deep belief that being heavy is their natural state. Sure, a kapha person is going to be heavier and bigger boned than a vata, but does that mean they can’t find their own beautiful and unique balance in their body that makes them feel amazing. No! Oprah has a very different body type to Miranda Kerr (kapha and vata respectively), and they may never look the same, but they can both feel amazing in their own skin. It may take a real level of awareness to tune in and know what keeps them light and vibrant, but they can do it.

Our mindset plays a huge role in what we create from moment to moment. What we believe creates our reality. Our thoughts are real things. The universe is always listening to that non-stop broadcast coming from our mind. The power in Ayurveda comes from being able to recognise the imbalance before it goes too far, or to come back to balance even if you are into a deep state of imbalance.

I have been there. I have been very vata and pitta imbalanced, and I have climbed my way out. Having this ancient knowledge and being able to employ strategies to bring my being back into its natural vibrant state is a crucial piece to the life puzzle, but ultimately it was and always has been my mindset that creates my reality.

See your Prakriti, your gorgeous natural and unique constitution as a blessing, and see your Vikruti as a divine sign from the universe to pivot, make changes, and come back to the middle. No matter what your constitution, when you are in balance you will be able to have the life that you were gifted with at the time of your creation. There are no limits to what you can achieve.

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P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.


    • yep. it’s been my prime message this year – ayurveda, and all the vedic sciences, are here to help us live better – to realize the glorious, expansive, radiant, loving, wildly genius nature of reality that we are all a part of. let’s not use the vedic sciences against ourselves. they exist to expand, affirm and uplift life.
      i am glad, and not surprised knowing you, that you are sharing this message. thanks nick.

      August 25, 2018
      • Amen sista ;)

        Nick Broadhurst
        September 1, 2018
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