HEAVEN IS A HEARTBEAT nick broadhurst

heaven is a heartbeat

New Single by Nick Broadhurst

“I finally found the sound that would carry me into my next album”

Nick Broadhurst

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Such beautiful music

It is said that life operates in chapters. For some, they may be hard to distinguish, for others, it’s much more obvious. For singer/songwriter Nick Broadhurst, his latest is shaping up to be his best yet. His 2018 album, Thank You, opened up plenty of avenues to choose from after topping 22 million streams across all platforms and spurring a sold out Australia capital city theatre tour. Broadhurst is reaching for something deeper with this part of his story and begins it with a new single, “heaven is a heartbeat“ released September 6th, 2022.

Do yourself a favour, listen again and again and again!
Triple J
This is sublime and emotional and got me all choked up.


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