Before You Try Manifesting, Listen To This

It’s no secret that manifesting is a powerful tool. After all, we are creating our reality moment by moment. But if used incorrectly we can attract exactly what we don’t want. In this episode I am going to share with you some powerful tools for creating the life you deserve, and point out the one thing that is so often missed, yet can have a hugely negative impact on your life.
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I’m really excited to bring this episode to you today because, to be honest, I can’t believe I haven’t done it earlier! I mean, we are talking about the one thing we do in every single moment, whether we like the outcome or not, and that is… creating our reality.

In order to create the life we desire, we have to first take responsibility. We have to acknowledge that WE are the ones creating our reality. I can clearly remember a time when I honestly believed I was not in control of my life. When I was going through a divorce in 2009 I used to think all the time, “Why is this happening to me?!”

In fact, the moment we decided to separate, I walked quietly into the garden, down underneath the house, started crying and kept saying out loud over and over, “Why, why, why?”

I can tell you why… because I created it. It’s not rocket science. What I could not see straight away where the lessons. These came in time and I speak about these in more detail in episode 62, How To Be A Superior Man.

There’s a saying that “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you.” Or you could interpret this as it happens “for” you. Now it doesn’t really matter if you believe that or not, because some people get dealt near impossible situations like war, losing a loved one, murder, losing a child. My experiences don’t compare to these, but what’s important is that you make a conscious choice or have the awareness to look at challenges as something supportive, and then choose to deal with them in the most effective way for your evolution.

Prayer has been a widespread tool for thousands of years as an attempt to get what people want. But what if we changed our idea about ourselves, and saw ourselves for that which we are; which is God?

If we speak and act like the divine entity we are, then don’t you think our lives would go on a different trajectory towards that which we desire in our hearts? Our lives will take off when we choose for our lives to take off.

If in any moment you sit back and feel like your life is not where you want it to be, then it’s really simple… create the next moment anew. Every second is a new second. The past is only in the present when you choose for it to be.

But there is a key word here which I want to dive into, and that is ‘want’.

When we ‘want’ something, we push it away. How does that work? I want you to write down or remember this statement….

We attract what we fear and repel what we want.

The next time you find yourself wanting something, tune in and feel the feeling of that ‘want’. Where is it coming from? Is it from your mind and what you think you want? Or is from your heart and what you know already to be true?

This is the key thing and what I refer to as the dark side of manifesting. We exist in a world of opposites that keep the universe balanced at all times.

If we want more money from the mind and a place of fear, envy or comparison, then guess what? The universe, God, love, source, only has one act at that moment; to push what you want even further away.

You repel what you want.

If the universe gave you everything you wanted no matter where you wanted it from, it would lose its equilibrium.

In episode 25, I ‘Think’ I Was Enlightened, I spoke very candidly about Dr Death. This was a doctor with good intentions, but not so good communication skills. When he gave me his diagnosis, even though that was not true for me physically in that moment, I started to create that very dis-ease in my body. I was so afraid of what he said that I started to attract it.

We attract what we fear.

If you fear not having any money, then guess what? You attract not to have any money.

If you fear never finding your soulmate, then guess what? You attract never finding your soulmate.

We attract what we fear and repel what we want.
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Remember the universe is just energy. You are just energy. Nothing is real. The physical is just an illusion. The matrix was a documentary.

So if we are, and everything is just creative energy, and thoughts are creative, then we need to really tune in the stories we tell ourselves day after day. Once we can see those thoughts which are creating the life we don’t want, we have another tool we can bring in to start to disrupt the cycle.


Words have a greater impact on creative energy than thoughts. So once you are very clear on what you do want, say it aloud, but only if it’s from a place of love and knowingness that you already have it.

How do we do that? Tonight, when you are lying in bed, I want you to try a simple exercise. You can apply this to anything you do want to create. But let’s first use a woman who wants to have a baby as an example.

As she lies in bed, she takes four deep breaths, 4 seconds in, 8 seconds out to get herself into a parasympathetic state. She then closes her eyes and starts to imagine being pregnant. She starts to feel her beautifully swollen belly. She can feel the gentle kicks as the baby moves around. She can see and feel herself at home with her doula giving birth. She can see and feel herself waking up one morning with her baby next to her bed in a bassinet.

All the while she is seeing and feeling this, she is talking these feelings out aloud to her partner. At that moment, the cells in her body start to feel the energy of pregnancy and of motherhood.

Now, what do you think is more effective, stressing about it and constantly being in your head asking “why me, why me; why me” just like I did in 2009, or feeling in her cells the energy of that which she desires and knows to be true. Remember there is no such thing as time. It’s just something that we humans experience in this 3rd dimension. You are already are and have what you desire, it’s now just up to you to choose and create that in this moment.

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