Conscious Relationships Masterclass

We are all in relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic, yet most of us have never received “schooling” on how these relationships work or how to make them thrive. As a result, they fall apart due to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and disconnection. This conscious relationships masterclass is going to change all of that!

In the Conscious Relationships Masterclass, best selling author (and my beautiful wife) Melissa Ambrosini, plus Ayurvedic trailblazer Sahara Rose and I will discuss what it takes to build healthy, epic, lasting relationships.

We dive into how to move through difficult conversations, the tenants of CCC (Crystal Clear Communication), balancing the feminine and masculine energy within ourselves and in all relationships, maintaining polarity and how the Doshas (Ayurvedic archetypes) affect the way different people give and receive love.

This power-packed masterclass will empower you to manifest and maintain relationships with integrity, passion, romance, and unity. The only requirement is a heart.

This masterclass is for you if you want to experience deep love, rocking relationships, and soulful intimacy.

The Conscious Relationships Masterclass will include:

  • A powerful heart opening meditation to bring you into your body and heart center.
  • A deep understanding of your relationships through the Doshas.
  • The best relationships tips and tricks such as how to practice CCC (Crystal Clear Communication)
  • How to be Open Wide
  • How to lean into vulnerability and mastering conflict with ease and grace.
  • How to balance the feminine and masculine energy within ourselves and within our relationships and how to maintain that polarity.

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